Elephant Steady Aims to Bring Smooth and Stable Video to Your Smartphone

Besides the dreaded vertical video, the worst thing about capturing video on a smartphone is camera shake, which leaves your video looking rather jerky and chaotic at times. Most stabilization rigs are built with much larger cameras in mind, but ADPLUS Co. is looking to change that with their ‘ultra-small’ Elephant Steady stabilizer for the iPhone.

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The Intricate Paint Work on This One-of-a-Kind ‘Takahashi’ Leica M4 is Magnificent


Nothing like a little bit of gear porn to get you through hump day. But don’t worry, it’s… like… super classy gear porn. All ‘hump day’ and ‘gear porn’ word play jokes aside, this gorgeous one-of-a-kind Leica M4 is truly a work of art… and you can’t have it. Read more…

Phantom’s Newest Flagship Camera Offers Up Super-Slo-Mo at Super Steep Price


Phantom, the company behind some insane high-speed cameras has announced their new flagship camera, the Phantom v2511. Bumping up the specs across the board from their current flagship device, this beast manages to pack in up to 25,600 frames per second at 1280 x 800 resolution (just over 720p).

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external 2014 High ISO Showdown: How High Can Your Camera Fly? —Imaging Resource

The most popular cameras of last year are stacked side by side in a competition for crisp images under low-light no-flash situations on their highest ISO setting.

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Ricoh’s New Pentax XG-1 is an Entry Level Superzoom with Some Speedy Specs


Photo bogs are always speculating what the next ‘megapixel war’ will be. For high-end cameras, it seems the answer to that question is the high ISO war, but for the entry-level shooters, an argument could be made for a ‘burst mode war.’

Case in point, Ricoh just debuted the Pentax XG-1: a new entry-level superzoom that packs in some serious speed and reach, while hobbling the camera in other areas. Read more…

external No, Smartphones Aren’t Going To Kill GoPro —Gizmodo Reframe

Smartphones shoot video, sometimes of very high quality. But what GoPro—and action cams like it—affords its users is a compendium of small advantages that add up to a unique experience. Saying smartphones will replace them is like saying the army will someday replace tanks with sedans.

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MIOPS: Smartphone Controllable High Speed Camera Trigger

MIOPS is a new smartphone-controlled camera trigger that combines all of the features photographers want in a high-speed camera trigger into one convenient device.

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Rumor: The Next Evolution of Dual Pixel AF to Make Its Debut in the 7D Mark II


If you’ve been following the torrent of rumors surrounding the upcoming Canon 7D replacement, you know that one of the major pieces of info floating around is that the Mark II will sport ‘revolutionary’ sensor technology.

What that is, however, is still a mystery — for most of us, anyway. Read more…

external Why Medium Format Is So Gorgeous (It’s About More Than Resolution) —Gizmodo Reframe

[...]print size aside, it’s often easy to detect medium format images even when viewing on the web. It has a certain something, a signature look that is often recognizable but hard to articulate. It comes from the lack of perspective distortion. This makes photos look more natural, closer to what your eye sees in the real world.

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external Canon Patent for Foveon Sensor with Anti-Reflection Film —CanonWatch


Egami has spotted another multi-layer Foveon-like sensor patent from Canon. This one has only three (not five) layers, and sets itself apart instead using a special coating that will help reduce reflection and flares.

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The Long-Awaited Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II May Show Its Face at Photokina


The Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens first debuted in 1998… 1998! In November that’ll be sixteen years on the market without a replacement, and while lenses aren’t typically replaced as frequently as camera bodies, hope that Canon would manufacture a ‘sequel’ to the trusty old lens still runs strong.

Well, those hopeful hearts now have something to rejoice about, because the Canon Rumors has received a concrete tip that the 100-400mm followup will indeed be arriving alongside the 7D Mark II just in time for Photokina in September. Read more…