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The SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD is the Ideal 4K/6K Video Working Drive

SanDisk Pro-G40

Working on videos for my YouTube channel, I’ve been finding that even the SSDs I own aren’t able to keep up with the transfer speeds needed for live editing of 10-bit 4K video. As I test things for PetaPixel, like the super-high resolution cameras with 6K and higher footage capabilities that using the fastest drives possible becomes increasingly important.

The Sony Alpha 7R V is Now in Stock at Adorama –Adorama

The highly anticipated Sony Alpha 7R V mirrorless camera is finally in stock and ready to ship over at Adorama. The $3,900 beast of a camera features a new level of camera intelligence from the new AI processing unit, and one of the benefits is next-gen autofocusing with Real-time Recognition autofocus thanks to its deep learning AI. Other features and specs include a 61MP BSI sensor, 8K video recording, 5-axis image stabilization, and more. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for this camera to be released, you may want to jump on it now while it is still available.

How Fear Holds Your Photography Back

As a photographer, there are many things that we feel may be holding us back. For some, it’s gear. For many, it might be limited free time. For others, there might be a lack of interesting locations to shoot.

Pixelmator Pro

You Can Now Edit Video in Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro version 3.2, codenamed Lumiere, adds the ability to edit videos. This also opens the door for editors to create moving designs and export animated image formats which brings it even further in line with Adobe Photoshop.

5 Things Every Budding Street Photographer Should Know Before Stepping on the Street

Steam vents, suited businesspeople, the neon glow of the night, umbrellas on windy days, stray glances through bus windows, beachgoers in a boardwalk scene, or silhouetted figures dancing in the sunlight: as photographers, we want to capture things that give life and vivacity to the subjects of the streets. We capture their spirit and do it in a visually interesting way.