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The Best Prime Day Photography Deals in 2024

A digital camera hovers above an Amazon package against a blue background. The text reads "Amazon Prime Day" and "The Best Photography Deals.

The latest Amazon Prime Day is upon us, and found within the endless sea of discounts are sweet deals that you may be very interested in if you're into photography and cameras.

An assortment of outdoor gear is displayed on the road, including two black and orange backpacks, a black cylindrical bag, and three orange and black boxes with a logo and text. Background shows trees and houses, with a person walking in the distance.

Using K&F CONCEPT Accessories To Elevate Your Photography Game

In the photography world, we're always looking for something that will help us get our work done just a little bit faster, a little bit easier, and a little bit better. It might be a lighter but sturdier tripod, a bigger and more useful backpack, or even filters to help get that tricky shot without having to spend hours in Photoshop after the fact. There's really no shortage of increasing quality and innovation in the products available for a photographer's kit, which is why K&F CONCEPT gear is so interesting.

The image is split into two sections. The left side shows a close-up of a soccer ball being kicked on a field. The right side features a soccer player in a red and green uniform, celebrating with arms outstretched in the rain.

How an Award-Winning Photographer Captures the Passion of Soccer

The 2024 World Sports Photography Awards winners were recently announced, and the winner of the football (soccer) category, Brazilian-born and Portugal-based photographer Marcelo Guelber Góes, spoke with PetaPixel about his very impressive victory and career as a sports photographer.

How a Pro Photographer Uses Pixel Smartphones to Create Amazing Art

Two abstract portraits of a person's face. The left side shows a warm-toned, distorted image with multiple reflections. The right side features a cool-toned, blue-hued face with a similar distortion effect. Both images create an ethereal, dream-like visual experience.

While it's easy -- and sometimes fun -- to get caught up in discussions of gear and worry about what's the best camera or lens, some photographers are instead laser-focused on how they can use whatever gear they have to create the exact artwork they envision. Fine art photographer and filmmaker Dana Scruggs is firmly in the latter camp.