Jeremy Gray

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Jeremy Gray is an award-winning landscape and nature photographer. Over the last decade, he has written extensively for many of the leading online publications in the photography industry. He has a passion for writing in-depth camera and lens reviews, educational content, and discussing the latest news from the photography world.

Articles by Jeremy Gray

The image is split into two sections. On the left, a woman with long brown hair extends her hands toward the camera. On the right, a person lies on their back on the grass, dressed in black, with their arms at their sides and feet slightly apart.

Stable Diffusion 3 AI Makes Eldritch Body Horror Abominations

Stability AI, a fading name in the increasingly crowded generative AI space, released Stable Diffusion 3 Medium (SD3M) this week, calling it "our most sophisticated image generation model to date." However, real-world users are finding more terror than sophistication, with the text-to-image model consistently producing Lovecraftian monsters.

A person wearing a virtual reality headset sits on a couch, immersed in a panoramic scene of snowy mountains and a calm lake that reflects the landscape. The curved display surrounding them enhances the immersive experience.

Apple Smartly Bets on Blackmagic and Canon in Vision Pro Content Gamble

While Apple's Vision Pro spatial computing headset is extremely impressive from a technological perspective and has some incredible tricks up its sleeve, it's a tough sell given its eye-watering $3,499 starting price and relative lack of content. Apple's WWDC keynote demonstrated that the company is working hard to tackle the second hurdle.

Two iPhones side by side: the left iPhone with a green check mark features a triple camera system, while the right iPhone with a red prohibition symbol features a dual camera system. Both phones have the Dynamic Island feature on the screen.

These Are the iPhones and Macs That Will Run Apple Intelligence at Launch

As seen with competing artificial intelligence platforms and features, Apple Intelligence will utilize some computational power in the cloud. However, perhaps more than any of the competition, Apple prioritizes on-device processing enabled by the company's robust and efficient silicon. This means more privacy and security, but also that some not-that-old devices will be left behind as Apple steps into the AI age.