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Jeremy Gray is an award-winning landscape and nature photographer. Over the last decade, he has written extensively for many of the leading online publications in the photography industry. He has a passion for writing in-depth camera and lens reviews, educational content, and discussing the latest news from the photography world.

Articles by Jeremy Gray

Split image: On the left, a whale's tail fluke emerges from the ocean at sunset, shimmering with water droplets. On the right, a close-up of a curious seal under water, its whiskers and large eyes highlighted against a greenish-blue backdrop.

A Photographer’s Mission to Save the Ocean Begins With Powerful Images

National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry has spent decades diving around the globe, telling the stories of the world's oceans. For his latest projects, years in the making, he has been much closer to home, documenting the unprecedented -- and deadly -- changes happening in the Gulf of Maine, the waters Skerry grew up visiting as a child on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

A Canon EOS R5 camera with an RF 24-105mm lens is shown against a vibrant, colorful background of blue and pink hues. The camera's LCD screen is extended and facing forward.

Don’t Let the Canon R1 Situation Distract You: The R5 II is Pretty Great

It's easy to think that the Canon EOS R1 is the main attraction of Canon's announcements this week. The company made a development announcement for it and it's been heavily teased. However, while relegated a bit to the shadows, the Canon EOS R5 Mark II is the more interesting and exciting of the two new Canon cameras.

A Canon EOS R5 Mark II camera is prominently displayed in the foreground, flanked by a Nikon camera on the left and a Sony camera on the right. The background features a gradient of blue and pink colors.

How the Canon EOS R5 II Compares to Its Peers Spec for Spec

The Canon EOS R5 Mark II is coming soon, and PetaPixel has tried it. It represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor, 2020's R5. However, a lot has changed in the industry since then, and the competition is stiff. So, how does the new R5 II compare to its peers?

Three cameras are displayed against a gradient background. The Canon EOS R1, positioned prominently in the front, is flanked by the Sony Alpha camera on the left and the Nikon camera on the right. The camera lenses have been removed, revealing their image sensors.

How the Canon EOS R1 Compares to Its Peers Spec for Spec

The Canon EOS R1 has finally arrived. After much anticipation and years of waiting, the Canon EOS R System finally has its true flagship EOS 1-series camera. Does Canon's new mirrorless camera take a spot on the podium, or does it come up short?