‘Cities at Night’ as Captured by Astronauts Aboard the International Space Station



Since 2003 astronauts have been snapping up photographs of our beautiful planet from the International Space Station. All of these photographs have been archived together into a resource called The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. It’s through the utilization of this resource, as well as a database compiled by Spanish Astrophysicists that a little project called Cities at Night exists.

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external B&H Officially Announces Free Expedited Shipping Program —The Digital Picture

B&H has upgraded its shipping program to give their customers free expedited shipping for orders over $49. Depending on where the order is destined, arrivals will range between 1 and 3 days.

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external Eyefi Connected Adds Compatibility with 300 New Digital Cameras —Eyefi

Eyefi… today announced that more than 300 digital camera models now include Eyefi Connected functionality. In achieving this milestone Eyefi Connected is by far the most widely adopted technology for connecting digital cameras to a wireless SD card, providing customers with the easiest and most capable connectivity solution on the market.

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Google+ Photos Update Brings Snapseed-esque Functionality to the Browser

Google’s acquisition of Nik Software some time ago caused quite a stir in the photography community. Creators of a number of plugins, filters and the editing app Snapseed, Nik Software had a lot to offer Google in the world of photography.

And little by little, as Google has continued to improve its photo platform and services, more and more influence and integration from the acquisition is making its way to the end user. Case in point is Google+ Photos’ latest update, which features a number of Snapseed-esque editing tools. Read more…

Leevia is a Petition Site that Understands and Leverages the Power of Photography


The number of words a picture may or may not be worth aside, there’s something intrinsically more powerful about a cause when it is backed up by quality photography.

This is the thought at the foundation of a new website called Leevia, a photography-driven petition platform that draws inspiration from movements like the Bring Back Our Girls campaign that spread through social media like wildfire. Read more…

external Zenfolio Launches “Photographer Central” For Finding Local Shooters —Pop Photo

Whether it will pay off for photographers, or if clients will use it widely, remains to be seen. But the elegant design, large photos, and lack of intrusive advertising make it one of the cleaner and more elegant looking options out there. And with Zenfolio’s skills behind it, it just might be the next big place to advertise.

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Flickr Tweaks Its Photo Page… Again, Gets Relatively Positive Feedback

Flickr DesignChangeup

In the ongoing effort to reach a happy medium between beauty and functionality, Flickr is yet again tweaking the layout of its photo pages. A number of users are reporting an updated layout complete with a few minor adjustments that seem to be making at least some formerly disgruntled users happy. Read more…

external Temporary Tattoos Photographers Can Rock —Resource Magazine

tattly_feature_u9onjTattly Tattoos, a website that sells temporary tattoos offers a fun selection that the non-committal photographers and camera enthusiasts alike can enjoy.

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Twitter Now Lets You Post and Play Your Animated GIFs on Web, Android and iOS


Twitter beat Facebook to the animated GIF punch *insert punching GIF here*, announcing earlier today that the often-animated file format is now fully supported through Twitter’s web, Android and iOS clients. Read more…

Vintage National Geographic Blog Revisits 100 Years of Nat Geo Archives


We all know what those stacks of iconic yellow-bordered magazines are when we see them lying around your local doctor or dentist’s office. They’re National Geographic Magazines, and inside of these magazines are hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful photographs that may never be seen by the next generation.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but one that Tumblr blog Vintage National Geographic is trying to remedy by sharing hundreds of scans of old Nat Geo photos you probably forgot existed. Read more…