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ExifShot is a Web App for Sharing Your Photo with Metadata


If you’d ever like a quick way to share a particular photo along with the Exif metadata showing the equipment and camera settings it was shot with, ExifShot is a new desktop web app for you.

The free and simple app takes in a JPEG photo, extracts the Exif data from within the file, and packages both the image and its metadata as a single, elegant graphic.

Once you’ve selected a photo, you can customize things like width, padding, orientation, ratio, photo fit, and text sizing before exporting the graphic.

“Think of it as a simplest graphics tool for composing a photo and its metadata,” writes developer Stefan Kovac, the guy behind the project. “If you are a photographer who likes sharing, talking or teaching photography — it’s for you.”

The app runs entirely offline inside your browser, so you don’t need to transmit your photos or data anywhere to use it.

Head on over to ExifShot if you’d like to give the tool a shot.