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WikiShootMe Shows You Local Wikipedia Spots In Need of Photos


Interested in contributing your photographic talents toward the collective knowledge base of humankind? Check out WikiShootMe. It’s a tool that can show you locations near you where Wikipedia is lacking photos in.

A project of the Wikimedia Foundation, WikiShootMe features a map-based interface that’s littered with circles that represent different types of objects. Larger green circles show Wikidata items that already contain photos.

If you’d like to find photo ops to shoot as a volunteer, look for the larger red circles, which show Wikidata items (which are used in Wikipedia articles) that are still in need of a photo.

The different types of objects are on different overlay layers that can be toggled on and off.

Clicking a circle brings up information about that object (including the coordinates where it’s located) and provides a way for you to upload your own photo of it.

Users can even create new objects on the map for other people to contribute photos to as well.

You can find more detailed instructions on how to contribute your images here.

Head on over to WikiShootMe if you’d like to start browsing for nearby spots to visit and shoot.

(via Wikimedia Foundation via Reddit)