Photographers use all kinds of equipment to craft their art, from cameras and lenses to lights and accessories. We cover the latest news and information on the tools of the trade in the photography industry.
Two images of a camera accessory are shown. The left image shows a close-up view of the accessory, which is black with a circular feature and a small display screen. The right image shows the accessory mounted on a vintage camera, displaying settings on its screen.

AstrHori Redesigns Its Compact and Affordable Light Meter

Light meters remain essential for many film photographers, and AstrHori's offerings have long been a popular choice. The Chinese company is back with a new model, the XH-2, which sports a revised appearance and promises improved photometric measurements.

A dual-lens camera sits on a gray surface. The device has two circular lenses on the front and a viewfinder screen on the back displaying a picture of a person and a dog near a lake with mountains in the background. The brand name "SPATIAL LABS" is visible.

Acer’s Dual Lens 3D Photo/Video Camera is Coming This Year for $549

Acer is all in on three dimensions. The company's SpatialLabs devices, including monitors and laptops, support stereoscopic 3D images without using glasses. While there is some 3D content already out there, Acer now has a way for users to capture 3D imagery of their own, the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera.

A desktop computer setup includes a monitor displaying "MAINGEAR" with the Petapixel logo above. Beside the monitor are a camera, a mug, and a keyboard on a wooden desk. A PC tower with blue gradient design and "Petapixel" branding is also present.

Maingear MG-1 Ultimate Review: The Most Powerful PC We’ve Ever Tested

Maingear has been a big name in custom PCs for over 20 years and has earned a sterling reputation for its high-end PCs, especially for gaming, and strong customer support. While its flagship MG-1 line, ranging from just over $1,100 to the $4,000 machine I tested, has plenty of features for hardcore gamers to drool over, the MG-1 can also be an outstanding option for creatives.

A close-up image showing the back screen of a Leica EV camera with the date and other settings displayed. To the left, another close-up highlights the camera's lens mount, featuring a small orange part. A red circle highlights the 2/28 date setting on the screen.

This $24 Tool Can Transform Your Leica M Digital Camera Experience

Alongside great image and build quality, one of the most compelling aspects of using a Leica M digital camera is their access to such a diverse library of amazing lenses. However, some of these lenses, vintage and modern alike, lack electronic communication with the camera, leading to photographers manually tracking important metadata like lens selection and focal length. Henley Bailey of Akara Labs has a clever and affordable solution to this problem.

Two multi-bay hard drive enclosures on a wooden surface, with visible labels and ports, used for data storage and backup.

NAS Devices for Photographers On a Budget: UGreen vs Terramaster

Network-attached storage (NAS) is arguably one of the most versatile and accessible ways to store your most important data. While cloud services have become the "norm" for backup evangelists, a local backup method is vital for creatives dealing with massive volumes of photos daily.

A black camera lens sits on a rock surrounded by vibrant purple flowers and green foliage. In the top right corner of the image, the PetaPixel logo is displayed alongside the word "Reviews" on a blue background.

Viltrox AF 56mm f/1.7 XF Review: Fantastic Images at a Budget Price

Viltrox has been busying itself with full-frame Z-mount releases over the last year, building upon the core of its business which has been centered around APS-C. In fact, the last Fuji X-mount release was the "Pro" monikered 27mm f/1.2 that I reviewed in August 2023. The new 56mm f/1.7 sits at the opposite end of the spectrum, retailing at an extremely modest $139. It may be budget in price, but its performance is far from it.