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600,000-Pixel-Wide Tokyo Panorama is the 2nd Largest Photo Ever Made


Do you remember the 320-gigapixel photo taken from atop the BT Tower in London? That 360° panorama, shot by Founder of 360-cities Jeffrey Martin, holds the title of world’s largest photo. But just because you have the top spot, doesn’t mean you have to stop.

Another of Martin’s creations, this one shot from the lower observation deck of the Tokyo Tower, has earned him the number two spot as well. Read more…

Nikon F2D: A Homemade Digital Nikon F2 Replica Crafted Out of Wood


When you hear the words “retro camera,” you probably think of some kind of silver or black camera crafted decades ago out of solid chunks of metal. But what would a retro camera look like if you kept the design the same but replaced its metal body with wood?

French photo enthusiast Cesar Sebouhian and his father recently decided to find out, and created the gorgeous Nikon “F2D” seen above.
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external Instant Gratification May Not Necessarily Be a Good Thing —NYTimes

The artists of Ray K. Metzker’s generation believed the work was its own reward, and strove to build lives that would enable sustained creation over time. In fact, he continued to work seriously until 2007, making sure to move on to a new project when he grew bored with the previous one. He refused to repeat himself for the sake of giving collectors what they wanted.

That seems to be the lesson to take from Mr. Metzker’s long career, and perhaps from Modernism as well. Instant gratification might not necessarily be a good thing, and we could all do with a bit more patience.

We shared a beautiful set of Metzker’s photos last year.

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Video: Pranksters Use Squirt Gun Camera to Covertly Spray People in London

Here’s one to put a smile on your face. Roman Atwood has made a name for himself on YouTube by pulling off creative and often downright hilarious pranks. For his most recent prank, he teamed up with buddy Dennis Roady and went photographic. Or at the very least they pretended to. Read more…

When Perfect Isn’t Perfect or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blur

NYE (4 of 55)

Quite a few years ago I took a solo trip down to Key West, FL. It was the first time I had gone on a vacation by myself, and since I was free of the distraction of friends and family, I decided it would make a great opportunity to expand upon my photography skills.

You see, the trip was shortly after I had decided to take this whole photography hobby of mine seriously. I had worked with video for years but now I wanted to work on becoming a good photographer as well, not just one that took as many photos as possible and then looked for the three good ones out of the hundreds shot (seriously, it’s a horrible method and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody).
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external “15 Over-Used Movie Poster Clichés” —Imgur

clichesWant to be a photographer for movie posters? Check out this interesting gallery of common clichés seen in movie posters and their photographs, and you’ll be set. Gallery curator Jackomatic writes, “There is only one color of dress for romantic comedies.”

Another pro tip: “To signify that your movie is a “big independent film,” go for a super-saturated golden yellow.”

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New GoPro App Gives You Total Control of Your Camera from Your Smartphone


GoPro just released a new version of its app that has users everywhere excited at the possibilities. Everything from a live feed, to total control over settings, to social sharing capabilities have been built right in to really enhance the GoPro Hero experience. Read more…

Humorous Video Pokes Fun at the Food Pic Fad

Professional food photography is a legitimate pursuit that takes some serious skill. It’s done in a studio, with professional lighting and often enlists the help of a professional food stylist to get the shot just right.

Food pics are a different matter, often taken in a restaurant with a cell phone while the other people at the table wait impatiently to dig in. The humorous clip above pokes fun at the latter. Read more…

Google’s New ‘Views’ Site Gives Android Users a Place to Share Photo Spheres


The launch of Android 4.2 in October of last year brought with it the ability to create special 360° panoramas called “Photo Spheres.” But as cool as these panoramas were, there was no real way to share them with the exception of a widget Google released a few months back.

Yesterday, all of that changed when Google announced a brand new Google Maps website called Views, built from the ground up for the Android community and their many un-shared Photo Spheres. Read more…

Journalist Quits Job, Becomes Coder, and Develops Simplistic Stock Photo Site

Picfair Screen 1

There’s something to say about the curious nature of journalists. Some spend all of their hours researching a particular subject, others go out into the field to experience first-hand, and some others quit their job and take up coding classes.

Wait — what?

It’s true. Just ask Benji Lanyado. This once full-time Guardian writer and contributor to other publications decided to quite literally quit his day job to pursue building what he thinks is the next big thing in stock photo buying and selling. Read more…