Make a Pocket Portfolio for a Way to Stand Out When Out and About


As a photographer, I’m constantly striving for new ways to stand out. While considering that some of the greatest opportunities to create a lasting impression on a potential client in my realm (motorcycle and automotive photography) are at trade shows, or highly publicized events, sometimes all you have is one shot.

But how do I set myself apart from the hundreds of other hobbyists walking the showroom floor with a DSLR, a Facebook fan page and a business card itching for work?
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An Algorithm That Can Distinguish Beautiful Portraits From Ugly Ones


Could machines be trained to tell the difference between a beautiful portrait photo and a not-so-pleasing one? Beauty is pretty subjective, but scientists are trying to boil down the common properties of beautiful digital portrait photos so that a computer can be trained to spot them. Along the way, they’re revealing interesting new things about what people look for in portraits.
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external Photobucket Raises $3.6 Million, Plans To Acquire A Mobile Photo-Sharing App —TechCrunch

The new funding will serve two purposes, we understand. One is to expand the Photobucket Print Shop with new products to appeal to a broader user base. But the company is also doubling down on its mobile investments. Photobucket is poised to announce some new acquisitions, one of which is being announced as soon as next week. The company is interested in expanding its print offering around mobile, but also its overall mobile offering in the area of private group sharing. The forthcoming acquisition will aid with that effort.

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Top Instagram Users Making Thousands Per Photo by Promoting Products


It pays to have a lot of Instagram followers — literally. Top users on the photo-sharing service these days are finding that their simple picture snapping can be turned into real dollars, and a lot of them at that. The numbers may astound you: some users are receiving thousands of dollars in exchanging for sharing a single photo that promotes a company’s products.
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The Secret Garden: Photographer Builds an Elaborate Set in Her Attic for Surreal Portraits


Since last year, Canadian photographer Daniela Majic has been working on an ongoing series titled “Secret Garden.” It’s a collection of surreal portraits created with elaborate handmade costumes and impressive garden sets constructed inside Majic’s tiny attic.
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external Government to Pay $18K After Photojournalist Detained —StarTribune

The government has agreed to settle a lawsuit and pay $18,000 to the Toledo newspaper The Blade after a photojournalist and reporter were detained and had cameras confiscated last year while photographing a military tank plant.

The government did not acknowledge any wrongdoing in the settlement […] Military police told the journalists that photography of the tank plant was prohibited.

As part of the settlement, the newspaper agreed not to publish photos of the plant taken the day the journalists were detained.

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Podo is a Stick and Shoot Camera for a Photo Booth You Can Take Anywhere


Podo is a new wireless and sticky camera that serves as an on-the-go photo booth. Instead of shooting pictures of yourself at arms length, with a selfie stick, or with the help of a stranger, you’ll be able to stick the camera to most flat surfaces and trigger the shot with your phone.
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We’re Giving Away a $1,000 Gift Card to B&H Photo Video


We love our readers. As a thank you for being a faithful follower of this blog, we’re doing another big giveaway. One lucky reader will receive a $1,000 gift card to B&H Photo Video for anything in the store your heart desires.
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Apple Sends Out Reminder of Aperture’s Impending End, Encourages Migration to Photos


Apple has sent out an email reminder to Aperture owners, reminding them that Aperture will no longer be available for purchase starting this spring after it’s replaced by the new Photos for OS X app. Aperture users can migrate their libraries to the new Photos app, which is now available for anyone to try through the OS X Beta program.
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Firefighter Photographer Jake Niece Captures Beauty While Battling Destruction

2012 Wildfire photos. Copyright registered.

Jake Niece is a “jake of all trades” who uses both mind and muscle in his multiple lines of work. In the summer he works as a wildland firefighter in Colorado, and in the winter he works on snowmaking crews. In both seasons he carries a camera and creates beautiful images through his passion for photography, which he has since turned into a third profession.
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