Photomicrographer Captures the Stunning, Jagged Landscapes Inside Gemstones


There is beauty in imperfection. In fact, imperfection might be considered the subject within a subject that photomicrographer Danny Sanchez tirelessly seeks out to create his stunning photography.

Sanchez’s main subjects are gemstones, but the colorful, alien ‘landscapes’ he captures are made up of imperfections called ‘inclusions’ that actually make a gem less valuable. You might say that one gem merchant’s trash is a gem photographer’s treasure. Read more…

external They’re Back: Ilford Inkjet Media Is Coming Back To The U.S. —PDN

After filing for bankruptcy back in 2013, Ilford Inkjet media has partnered with MAC Group and making its return back to the US.

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Shooting an Olympic Gold-Medalist Diver with Large Format, Infrared Film

Noted photographer Gregory Heisler has captured hundreds upon hundreds of iconic photographs. But, in the above video, he tells the inspiring and even humorous story behind one particular photo shoot that involved Olympic gold medalist diver, Greg Louganis.

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Soul-Stirring Infrared Time-Lapse Captures a Haunting Portrait of an Endangered Hawaiian Tree

The video above by photographer Gary Yost is remarkable for two reasons. The first is that it was shot in true infrared, with a camera that had a 650 nanometer conversion applied. The second, is that the haunting, stirring quality of the time-lapse serves a greater purpose than simply offering a novel look at the Hawaiian landscape.

The subjects of the video are skeletons of the endangered Māmane trees of Hawaii. “A powerful metaphor,” Yost says, “for how outsiders have crushed the native Hawaiian ecology.” Read more…

external Is Snapchat Really Worth $10 Billion? —Engadget

Snapchat has long been holding out for the big money and if rumors are true, another round of funding through Yahoo-backed Alibaba could value the company at an incredible $10 billion.

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Get Taller on Demand with Spring: One of the Quirkiest Apps We’ve Ever Seen


In portraits, we’re well aware of the role physical proportions play on how a subject looks. Generally speaking, longer legs, an elongated neck, and other such physical attributes dramatically affect the aesthetic quality of portraits for many, be it subconsciously or not. And while ethics are rightfully called into questions when changing these proportions in Photoshop, it’s continuously done.

Looking to take this questionable practice and capitalize on it in the mobile market, developer Kim Taewan has created an application for both Android and iOS called Spring.

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This Guy’s Wife Refused to Take Maternity Photos, So He Posed for Them Instead


When his wife Meghan refused to have maternity pictures taken, Justin (who goes by DruishPrincess69 on Reddit) decided to take matters into his own hands. And by matters we mean his belly. Since his wife wouldn’t take the photos, he hired a photographer and posed for all the stereotypical maternity shots himself. Read more…

external A Simple SEO Tweak To Get Better Blog Traffic —Black Star Rising

While a blog can certainly provide valuable information and inspiration to existing clients, it’s primary purpose should be to attract new website traffic so you can expose your business to more prospects.

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How Much Do Publications Pay for Freelance Work? ‘Wiki’ Shares Names, Fees and More


Who Pays Photographers? is a Tumblr dedicated to demystifying at least some of the compensation standards held by many editorial clients throughout the world.

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A Letter to My 18 Year Old Self: If I Started Street Photography All Over Again


Dear Eric,

You are 18 years old. You just got a point and shoot digital camera from Mom as a high school graduation present. You are super excited, as you never had a camera before. A lot of exciting things will happen in your life surrounding photography. I wanted to write this letter to you and give you some advice I wish I knew. This is coming from your 26-year-old-self. Read more…