Two Lands: A Beautiful Time-Lapse Trip to the Snowy Wilderness of Iceland and Greenland

With the exception of the opening shot, Joe Capra of Scientifantastic‘s beautiful time-lapse Two Lands stays pretty far away from the humanity. A trip into the snowy wilderness of Iceland and Greenland, the time-lapse treats you to some spectacular landscapes complete with enough Aurora to make your head explode with wanderlust. Read more…

external Danny Wilcox Frazier’s Ode to the American Heartland —Nat Geo | PROOF

Wanderlust and a keen sense of wanting to make a difference: practical prerequisites for anyone dedicating their lives to photojournalism. As soon as he had the chance, Danny Wilcox Frazier left his hometown of LeClaire, Iowa and headed to Kenya to live the life of an international photojournalist. But it was back in Iowa where he found his voice.

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The Bob Ross of Bug Photography Returns with a Solid Overview of the Macro Workflow

Two years ago we dubbed photographer Thomas Shahan ‘the Bob Ross of bug photography.’ Today, we’re back with a video from the macro master in which he dives into his workflow in the field, dropping bits and pieces of useful knowledge as he goes through a daily shoot.

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GoPro Survives 17 Months Bouncing Around a Riverbed After Filming Its Final Moments

GoPros exist to take quite a beating… they are action cams after all. However, as much as GoPro might put its products through the wringer to test them and ensure they’re up for anything, it’s unlikely they expect one to survive what the one in the above video did.

The functioning camera managed to survive in a riverbed for 17 months! And not only did it survive, the footage of the camera’s final moments was still safe and sound on the memory card inside.

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external Why Instagram Matters —Huffington Post

In a world of 140 Characters, Twitter continues to be a powerful platform. But in a platform where a picture is worth a thousand words, adding a story in the description of a photo turns each Instagram post into a short form novel. And something meaningful for the future.

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Comparing Modern Day Flash Technology with Old School Magnesium Flash Powder

Long before high-sync speedlights were ever a thing, there was a bleeding-edge technology that forever changed the way people photographed subjects. It was called magnesium flash powder.

We’ve seen it in old noir and western films, but today we have for you a video that brings it into the modern era, pitting the age-old technology against a standard electronic flash to see how they compare.

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This is What Adobe’s Cloud-Based Version of Photoshop Looks (and Works) Like


Two months ago, we told you that Adobe and Google were hard at work bringing Photoshop to the browser. Essentially, this version would run off of a server, allowing you to use as weak of a machine as you like, since the program isn’t relying at all on your computer’s processing power.

Up till now, that’s really all we knew, but after two months of testing Adobe has pulled back the veil and given us a sneak peek at what ‘Streaming Photoshop‘ — as the program is called — actually looks like. Read more…

external A New Lens On Infertility (And The Art Of Healing) —Huffington Post

“I figured that if I was using photography as a creative outlet, maybe this outlet could help others,” says Walker. Since launching the exhibit earlier this year, she has taken dozens of portraits of people across the country. “Many of the images show a lot of love, a lot of hope and happiness; but there’s also I think a deep sense of grief and pain that comes with the experience of infertility.”

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Musician Ryan Adams Stops Show to Yell at Fan Whose Flash Triggers His Ménière’s Disease

Editor’s note: This video contains NSFW language

It’s easy to assume that the whole ‘no flash photography’ rule at concerts is ignorable, but as the clip above shows, not only can it distract the performer, in some rare cases it might actually be a health hazard. Read more…

Dramatic Black-and-White Studio Portraits of Goats and Sheep… Seriously


Finish this sentence: “I want to take dramatic, black-and-white studio portraits of _____.” If you’re like most people, chances are good you named a person or group of people. If you’re Kevin Horan, a man with 30 years experience as an editorial photographer in Chicago, you would have said “sheep and goats.” Read more…