Your Lens’ Aperture Might Be Lying to You, Or: The Difference Between F Stops and T Stops

We all understand what an F stop is and how it’s a vital component in ensuring we have a properly exposed image, but have you ever heard of a T Stop? While they might not be as relevant to you in your day-to-day photography as F-stops, knowing what they are will give you a better understanding of how your glass works.

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How I Built a Lightbox for $0


I’m 39 weeks into a 52 week project. Every week I go to this Art Prompt Generator for a random prompt and then spend a week taking a photo to match the prompt. This week was “Candy”. I wasn’t getting great results taking pictures of candy on plates, counters or other mundane surfaces so I thought I’d try a lightbox. Read more…

external Norway’s Opportunistic Fish Thieves —Nat Geo | PROOF

The large triangular fins of orca whales slice the surface of the water and the inky blackness of dawn stubbornly clings to everything as we travel by zodiac through the northern fjords of Norway. It is late winter and it will be days before we see the first shy rays of sunshine. I strain to make out the shapes as they surface—I can barely distinguish their bullet-like bodies when they break the water but I can clearly hear the whisper of their breath, a crisp sound that is expelled in a white mist every time the whales surface to breathe.

I experience a primeval fear as the zodiac buckles on the choppy sea. I am trying to stop myself from thinking, “There is no way I am going in,” but before I can gather my wits about me, photographer Paul Nicklen, slips overboard, followed by Goran, his Swedish guide. I have no choice, I have to follow. I grab a camera and slide into the cold water.

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Out of This World Aerial Photographs of Purple Salt Ponds in San Francisco


The colorful pond you see in the above image is not the work of clever post–production; nor is it the result of an accidental leak of hazardous material. In fact, it’s 100% natural. What you’re seeing are millions of colorful microorganisms that live and breed in the vibrant salt ponds of San Francisco.

The above image and its accompanying series, titled San Francisco Bay – Purple, was captured by photographer Julieanne Kost as she flew over the ponds, located south of San Francisco.

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Behind the Scenes: Hanging Out of Moving Car Windows to Captured Doggy Euphoria

Photographer Lara Jo Regan‘s photo series/book/calendar Dogs in Cars is a fun, tongues-out survey of the euphoria dogs experience on car rides.

We shared the series with you last year, but if you’ve been wondering how she managed to get such multi-dimensional images from such unique perspectives, she’s put together a great behind the scenes video that reveals both her lighting rig and how was she managed to safely hang out of moving car windows. Read more…

external Indelible Photos Of Derek Jeter —NYTimes | LENS

“You can have the greatest eye in the world and no one will know who you are unless you shoot something people care about,” Mr. Silverman said. “I lucked out in that I caught Jeter’s era from the very beginning and made images people remember.”

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The Types of People You Find in a NEW Photographer Facebook Group


The title kind of says it all, so why don’t we just jump right in? Here are the ten types of people you’ll find in a new photographers Facebook group. Read more…

Rumor: Sony and Mamiya to Release Medium Format Rangefinder-Style Cameras in 2015


Earlier this year, rumors began spreading of an upcoming Sony Medium Format camera that would be unlike any digital medium format system on the market. The camera would be ‘completely different’ and reports claimed it would also be the cheapest digital medium format option out there.

Well, if you found that rumor far-fetched, hold on to your hats, because a ‘very good source’ is reporting that this rangefinder-styled camera is indeed real… and what’s more, it will have some competition when it arrives. Read more…

A Breathtaking Motion Time-Lapse Tour of Norway

Five months of work, 10,000 miles travelled, several tens of thousands of photographs taken… all of that to create a measly 5 minutes worth of footage. And yet, we would argue it was worth every minute, mile and press of the shutter (or intervalometer, as it were).

Simply titled Norway, the time-lapse above was captured by Morten Rustad of Rustad Media, and it took almost a half-year to get all of the shots he was looking for. Read more…

external You Can Love And Hate Photoshop —Huffington Post

Trimming down a woman’s waist for a magazine cover I find, for lack of a better word, gross. It’s misleading. It’s fake. And it’s done for all the wrong reasons.

But I have to ask, have you ever looked at it from a difference perspective? Manipulating a digital image can also be an expression. Like a painting, a drawing, a song, or even a story.

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