Ted Forbes Answers the Question ‘Should I Work for Free?’

Ted Forbes of the popular YouTube channel The Art of Photography just posted a short 8-minute video in which he discusses the oft-debated question: “Should I work for free?”

“I can tell you that in my 20 year career I’ve run across this offer of work for ‘exposure’ more times than I’d have liked to. I’ve got some fairly strong opinions on this as well,” he says. “You will have to make up your own mind as to what you want to do with your career but hopefully this video will give you a few pointers that might help.”

How to Repair Old Photos Using Photoshop

Photoshop teacher Howard Pinsky shares this quick 9-minute video tutorial on how you can use Photoshop to repair old and damaged photos. The restoration is done using the Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, and Clone Stamp tools.

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Man Claims the Sony RX100 III Has Dangerous Levels of Radiation, Is Quickly Shot Down

An Ontario-based vegan who goes by the name Vegetable Police recently released the video above and then began warning photographers with it in online photo forums. He claims that modern digital cameras “output high levels of radiation” and that people should be careful not to have the camera in their hands or against their faces for long periods of time.
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A Life-Sized Mannequin Stop Motion Animated with the Help of Strangers

Artist Anton Hecht recently created an unusual stop motion film using photos of a giant life-sized mannequin. Instead of doing the animation themselves, the team invited random strangers who were walking by to help move the dummy around in the public square. The video above is what resulted from their help under careful direction.
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The Original Selfie Stick Was Invented in the 1980s


Did you know that the selfie stick was actually invented back in the 1980s? The concept didn’t take off until Bluetooth-enabled smartphone cameras in recent years, but the concept has been around for decades now.
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A Wedding Photographer Story


She stands in the front of the church; her face carefully set into a pleasant expression, her breathing slow. The knuckles of her right hand, however, are white with rage as she clutches her camera.
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Photoflex Returns From the Grave, Says It’s Back in Business


Well-known lighting gear manufacturer Photoflex may live on after all. No, its original April 1st announcement that it was closing shop wasn’t an ill-conceived April Fool’s Joke or a bizarre marketing stunt — the struggling company is reportedly working on a deal that will allow the brand to live on.
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These Animated GIFs Show the Evolution of Cameras Through History


How have the designs of cameras changed over the past 100 years? The team over at eBay Deals wants to show you. They’ve created a series of animated GIFs showing how the cameras produced by major brands have evolved over the years as styles and technologies changed.
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external The Photographers Who Refuse to Abandon Traditional Film Cameras —BBC News

BBC News takes a look at the state of film photography and the photographers who are dedicated to it.

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Video: The Top 5 New Features in Snapseed 2.0

Snapseed has been one of the most popular mobile photo editing apps in recent years, but Google has been pretty slow in updating the app since acquiring the company back in 2012. That changed earlier this month when Google finally released Snapseed 2.0.

Photographer Mark Ryan Sallee of Michromatic just posted this video in which he shares the top 5 new features found in Snapseed 2.0. The 14-minute video covers the bigger view, highlights slider, perspective correction, content aware fill, and edit history.