Trippy Glitch Photographs Blend Manual and Algorithmic ‘Accidents’ to Create Awesome Images


We’ve showcased glitch photography before, both purposeful and accidental. Blurring the lines between science and art, glitch photography is often like a fingerprint, with each image being unique.

Today we have for you an awesome collection of these photographic fingerprints by artist and freelance photographer Sabato Visconti. Read more…

Canadian Newlyweds Nearly Hit by Train During Bridge Photo Shoot on the Tracks


One day the stories of photographers being hit or nearly hit by trains while taking photos on the tracks will become so prevalent that people just stop doing it altogether, but today is not that day. Just this last weekend another unidentified photographer and the newlyweds he or she was photographing had an uncomfortably close call. Read more…

external Stop Shoving Big Cameras Into Smartphones —TechRadar

Panasonic just announced at Photokina 2014 their new Lumix DMC-CM1 smartphone that sports a beautiful Leica lens and 1-inch sensor. It’s causing quite a stir and maybe not for the better. When it comes to a great smartphone and an incredible camera, maybe having the best of both worlds isn’t all it’s hyped up to be.

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The Canon M4 D Mark II: A Tactical Assault Camera That Isn’t Good for Street Photography


Say hello to the Canon M4 D Mark II, the assault camera that shoots 10 shots per second and is equipped with a 100-400mm scope. The barrel is able to extend and retract, and offers stabilization features while in use.

This funny little arrangement was created by French photography studio KOEphotography and shared on its Facebook page.
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PSA: Dropbox Can’t Automatically Backup Your Photos in iOS 8 Yet


Dropbox users waiting anxiously for iOS 8 to drop so they can take advantage of all the cool new features like manual controls and a more robust photo experience take note: your automatic backup will be temporarily shut off once you update to the new OS and download the newest version of the Dropbox app. Read more…

external The Hidden Cities Of World War I —NYTimes | Lens

Mr. Gusky said the soldiers who lived and died in these places have a message for us. “They’re almost begging us to ask the questions about modern life that we’ve forgotten how to ask,” he said. “How it affects our humanness. And we see on these walls a struggle to remain human in a world that had become inhuman.”

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ProCam 2 is the First App to Show Off Apple’s iOS 8 Manual Camera Controls


ProCam 2 is out and ready for download today alongside iOS 8, and it has the distinction of being the first camera app to utilize the full manual controls Apple opened up to developers in iOS. And while the interface might be a doozy for some, it packs quite the punch in a little package.

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Tutorial: Medium Format Astrophotography Without a Medium Format Camera


In this tutorial I’ll show you how I use a standard 50mm prime lens to make medium format sized astrophotos with a regular small format camera. Read more…

external Hasselblad Announces Wi-Fi Enabled H5D-50c Medium Format Camera —Photo Rumors

The new and improved Hasselblad H5D-50c medium format camera announced at Photofina 2014 gives a brand new set of wings for photographers with its Wi-Fi enabled upgrade. Among many new features, users will be able to control the camera and immidiately browse images on their iPhone/iPad on site without having to hole up in their studio after a shoot.

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Relonch Case Slaps an APS-C Sensor and f/2.0 Lens Onto Your iPhone


The Panasonic CM1 smartphone with its 1-inch sensor and super-fast Leica lens might not be available outside of a few European countries any time soon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a supercharged smartphone camera.

Enter Relonch: an iPhone case that adds a much larger APS-C sensor and fast f/2.0 lens to any iPhone 5 or 6. Read more…