Photographer Flies Drone So Close to Volcanic Eruption it Melts the Face of His Camera


Drone photography and videographer is allowing image makers to capture footage that would have been impossible to shoot just a few years ago. Case in point: never before could a photographer get so close to a volcanic eruption that the face of his or her gear melted!

But now, if you’re brave enough and responsible enough to do it right, you can do just that… and capture some never-before-possible footage in the process. Read more…

Snapwire Collaborates with Adobe to Feature New Creative SDK


Snapwire‘s mission is to make photo selling ‘human again,’ which is why creative collaboration between image makers and the brands/companies that need those images is at the center of the photo sales platform’s model.

Today, the company enters into a creative collaboration of its own with Adobe in order to make sure their users have the most photo editing algorithms on the market at their fingertips. Read more…

external What One Silicon Valley Engineer Learned When He Stopped Taking Photos And Started Drawing —Fast Company

imageedit_35_8596366435Bay area software engineer and self-declared “photo addict” Fahd Butt pulled himself out of a creative rut by sketching every memorable moment with the ol’ pen and paper. For an entire year. Including his first year of marriage. Now you try it.

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Powerful Decade-Long Photo Project Retraces the Underground Railroad at Night

“Decision to Leave” Magnolia Plantation on the Cane River, Louisiana

“Decision to Leave” Magnolia Plantation on the Cane River, Louisiana

Photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales has dedicated the past decade of her life to researching and documenting the historical locations – both known and shrouded in mystery – that made up the historical Underground Railroad.

The resulting photographs make up her ongoing series Through Darkness to Light, and retrace the dark, unpaved path that thousands of slaves were forced to travel.

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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photojournalist Takes the iPhone 6 for a Spin

When the New York TimesMolly Wood received two review units of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from Apple, she wanted to see how they fared in the hands of a truly great photographer. So she shipped the two devices off to trusted NYT photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Todd Heisler.

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external Editing images of ‘hell’, in close-up —AFP

The photo and video editors in Nicosia, AFP’s headquarters for the Middle East and North Africa, have to face a daily flood of unbearable images. It is their job to pore over the images from Syria, from Iraq, Gaza, Libya and other regional hotspots, and decide whether or not to publish them. It is their job to take in, for hours at a stretch each day, images of mutilated bodies, of wounded children screaming in pain, and — more recently — of hostages being beheaded.

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Cameras Don’t Break Rules, People Break Rules


A portrait session that results in the death of the subject should be called a failure.

As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, a group of photographers and onlookers experienced precisely that level of catastrophic botchery last week in Grand Teton National Park when crowding too close to a moose (not a good idea).

The moose, already agitated by the presence of a nearby bull moose, was scared by the approaching park-visitors and bolted before stumbling over a picnic table and landing on a fire grate. With its hoof caught in the grate, the half-ton animal collapsed and broke its leg so badly that park rangers were forced to put it down. Read more…

Intricately Detailed Concrete Recreations of Iconic Film Cameras


Artist Alex Stanton has a thing for photography, but he doesn’t actually take any pictures. His obsession with photography is focused on the vintage gear so many of us adore; gear he’s decided to preserve in extreme detail using a mix of concrete, bronze, copper, brass, patina, rust, iron, epoxy. Read more…

external We Are What We Eat: In the Arctic, It’s All About Meat —National Geographic | PROOF

imageedit_31_4404465787In 2013, photographer Matthieu Paley set out on a 4 month, 6 country trek to find the ancestral ties to the food we eat. Beginning his trek through Eastern Greenland’s 3.5 hours of daylight, he discovers the pre-Westernized Arctic Sea bounty.

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Fuji X100T Reviewed at the #OccupyCentral Protest in Hong Kong

The recent #occupycentral pro-democratic election protests in Hong Kong have been all over the news the past few days, and so, when it came time to review the new Fuji X100T, DigitalRev TV decided to take to the protest site. Read more…