A Photograph of Your Face in a Jar Makes for a Creepy Halloween Prank


Looking for a personalized photo-related gag to pull for Halloween this year? Look no further than this head-in-a-jar prank. It’s quite easy to pull off and doesn’t require too much time or money.
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More Specs Surface for Sony/Mamiya Medium Format Rangefinders, Might Feature Magnetic Lens Mount


A few weeks ago we shared the rumor that Sony and Mamiya were teaming up to release two medium format rangerfinder-style cameras in 2015.

Today, we have a few extra details on that exciting rumor as more sources come forward to share some of the specs we will supposedly see if and when these cameras become a reality. Read more…

external An Intimate Portrait Of Hillary Clinton In Photographs —TIME | LightBox

imageedit_27_2351012799For 20 years, Diana Walker worked as Time’s White House photographer with a chance to walk alongside Hillary Clinton, who has traversed through Washington D.C. as First Lady, Senator, Presidential Candidate and, now, Secretary of State.

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Camera-Toting Eagle Released from the Eiffel Tower, Captures Awesome Footage on the Wing

Places like Paris are prime candidates for capturing incredible aerial footage, but where most people would go about this task with a drone (or maybe a replica of the Up! house…) the people at the non-profit FREEDOM took a different approach.

They strapped a Sony Action Cam Mini to the back of a white-tailed eagle named Victor, and let him fly from the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. Read more…

Haunting Double Exposures Capture Emotional and Physical Devastation in Single Frames


The images that make up photographer Annalisa Natali Murri‘s series Then the Sky Crashed Down Upon Us are, in a word, haunting. Double exposures, they pay tribute to the April 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh by allowing the viewers to view the rubble through through the emotionally devastated faces of those who survived and are left to mourn and deal with deep psychological scars. Read more…

external The Beautiful Losers Of One Of London’s Most Well-Known Portrait Contests —Wash Post

imageedit_29_4592102833Just because you lose one of the most prestigious portrait contests around doesn’t mean your shot should sit in the dark for all eternity. At least that’s what Portrait Salon founders thought back in 2011. Since then, they’ve been showcasing the best rejects of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize here.

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This Silicone Mold Lets You Create Camera, Lens and Flash-Shaped Ice Cubes and Candy


Here’s a clever little product for the photo nerd in all of us. It’s called PhotoPhreezePhun, and it’s a camera-kit-shaped silicone ice cube tray that spits out DSLR-shaped ice cubes because… why not? Read more…

Cheap Camera Challenge: A Hole for a Viewfinder, No LCD, and No Idea if You’re Actually Taking Pictures

In what turned out to be one of the more difficult Cheap Camera Challenges DigitalRev has put together so far, AFP photojournalist Alex Ogle was forced to trade his D810 and 35mm f/1.4G lens for a digital camera in the most basic sense of the term. Read more…

Colorful Abstract Macro Photographs Created by Injecting Watercolors Into Ferrofluid On a Magnet


Artist Fabian Oefner‘s project Millefiori is, like most of the projects we’ve ever shared by him, a mixture of science and art. By combining vibrant watercolors with a magnetic solution called ferrofluid, he was able to create these gorgeous macro photographs of the paint and ferrofluid interacting on top of a magnet. Read more…

external Taking Pictures: A Way For Photographers To Protect Their Work —The New Yorker

A photograph is taken: camera up, frame the shot, click, and you own the moment. Or there’s the digital pilfering way: click, save, and it’s yours now. And his. And hers.

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