Satirical Facebook Post Sparks Outrage at Stephen Spielberg for Hunting Triceratops


There are times when you lose all hope in humankind. We may be the most intelligent of all creatures, but just because our brains are the most developed of any mammal doesn’t mean we all use them. Case in point is the viral hilarity surrounding the image above. Read more…

The Long-Awaited Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II May Show Its Face at Photokina


The Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens first debuted in 1998… 1998! In November that’ll be sixteen years on the market without a replacement, and while lenses aren’t typically replaced as frequently as camera bodies, hope that Canon would manufacture a ‘sequel’ to the trusty old lens still runs strong.

Well, those hopeful hearts now have something to rejoice about, because the Canon Rumors has received a concrete tip that the 100-400mm followup will indeed be arriving alongside the 7D Mark II just in time for Photokina in September. Read more…

external Why Aren’t You Creating Right Now?

— William Petruzzo at Light Stalking

Let me ask you a question. Why aren’t you creating right now? I don’t mean right now. I mean now in a general sense. The general-now. The now that’s touching us on all sides.

How come you haven’t posted anything on your 500px or Flickr feed in three months? How come there’s undisturbed dust on the latches of your camera bag? How come you left your camera at home when you went on the hike last weekend? How come you haven’t edited those photos of your new dog? How come, even though you brought your gear camping, you didn’t try taking photos of elk, like you planned? How come a million other things?

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Mesmerizing Stop Motion Animation Takes You Inside a Block of Wood, Layer by Layer

If you enjoyed the sanding stop-motion video we featured this past week, this creation is going to be right up your alley.

Called Waves of Grain, this experimental short film by Keith Skretch follows the mesmerizing patterns created by the grain in a block of wood as it’s slowly stripped away layer-by-layer using a planer. Read more…

Timeless Photographs Capture ‘The Simple Life’ of Colorado Cattle Ranchers


Timelessness is a quality we all strive for in our images. It’s a quality earned, not given, through the time and effort put into conceptualizing, visualizing and capturing an image.

And when it is earned, the results are phenomenal… oftentimes winding back the clock or making time seem almost irrelevant to the image. Such is the case for the work of Michael Crouser, a Minnesota-based photographer who has spent the past eight years documenting cattle ranching families in Colorado. Read more…

external Danube Revisited —The New Yorker

Inge Morath, an Austrian photographer, became the second woman to join Magnum Photos, in 1955. Morath was admired for the way she immersed herself in the location and subject of her shoots; a linguistics major in college, she could speak six languages fluently.

Starting in 1958, she dedicated years of her career to photographing daily life along the Danube River, which flows from Southern Germany to the edge of the Black Sea in Eastern Romania. In the mid-nineteen-nineties, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Morath returned to the region to complete the project.

This week, eight female photographers set out to follow Morath’s path along the Danube for five weeks.

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Video: Modern Day Earthrise in HD, as Seen by the Japanese Lunar Orbiter

Forget sunrises… what we need to see more of on Instagram and our Facebook newsfeeds is Earthrises. Of course, they’re a bit harder to capture, but spectacular footage like this high-definition video shot by the Japanese Lunar Orbiter can give even the most beautiful beach sunrise a run for its money. Read more…

ACLU Sues US Gov Over Program that Can Mark You as ‘Suspicious’ for Taking Photos in Public


The American Civil Liberties Union is helping four individuals take the United States Government to court over something called the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative.

The program has received wide criticism recently, led in large part by a photographer who made the FBI’s suspicious activity list for taking pictures of a piece of public art called the Rainbow Swash. Read more…

external Internship of a Lifetime —PROOF

Magnus Holm, from Denmark, stands six feet three inches tall. He has a mound of floppy blonde hair and a grin that can disarm the devil. It’s the latter that enables him to mask his size and draw his subjects in to capture memorable moments for his camera.

I first saw his photography when I was judging the 2013 College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) contest at the University of Missouri. His photographic style and unique stories were hard to miss, raising his work above his contemporaries. Magnus’s portfolio placed first. National Geographic magazine sponsors the contest and the winner receives an internship at the magazine — our only still photography internship.

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Surf Texas: Documenting the Little-Known Subculture of Surfers in the Lone Star State

Surfing Dolphin, South Padre Island, 2012.

Surfing in Texas might sound like a paradox. But, as unusual as it sounds, it’s a very real thing as surfer and photographer Kenny Braun shows us with the beautiful collection of images in his photo book Surf Texas. Read more…