96-Year-Old Photographer Writes a Wonderful Message to His Granddaughter and Gives Her His Gear

me and grandpa

22-year-old Alexis Taylor recently shared an email she received from her 96-year-old photographer grandfather, and it’s just too wonderful not to share. Read more…

external The Secret About Rangefinder Cameras —The Online Photographer

So here’s the deep dark secret about rangefinders (Leica fanboys might not want to click past the break):

…Most people don’t like ‘em.

Seriously. Some people really do like them, but I’ve been working with and for photo enthusiasts of all kinds for 25 years and I can tell you most people don’t.

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13 Photo Books for Your Stocking Stuffers


In the age of the iPad, there still is something glorious about a photo book. Here are a few of our favorites from 2014, so send Santa (or Hanukah Harry) a quick tweet, and get a big dose of inspiration this Holiday season. Read more…

Zano Micro-Drone is Tiny, Autonomous, and Equipped with Optical Image Stabilization


Micro-drones are typically thought of as more of a toy rather than a tool. If you want to capture real recreational aerial footage, you buy a bigger, heftier drone, right? Well, not necessarily. ZANO wants to change all that by packing both power and ease of use into a tiny package that measures just 2.5 x 2.5-inches and weighs just over 1.2lbs. Read more…

external Is Our Art Equal to the Challenges of Our Times? —NYTimes

A. O. Scott and a panel of cultural figures ponder whether and how artists should address social issues like race and class through their work.

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Portraits of Hipsters Sporting Beards Made of Fuzzy Animals


As Movember, or No Shave November, or whatever you’re calling this month of bearded and mustached madness and charity, comes to a close, we’re sharing perhaps the most appropriate photo series we could find.

A set of three images captured for the razor brand Schick by photographer Troy Goodall in collaboration with animal photographer Stephen Stewart, Free Your Skin features quintessential hipsters showing off beards made of… fuzzy animals. Read more…

Video: Cameraman Accused of ‘Repeatedly Hitting’ Police with His Camera Did No Such Thing

While covering the “re-occupation” protest in Mong Kok on Thursday night, an Apple Daily cameraman was arrested by police after he allegedly assaulted a police officer with his camera and then resisted arrest.

There’s just one problem with this story, told to the press by police: it’s not true. The video above captured by a South China Morning Post reporter paints a very different picture. Read more…

external Get Out of the Office — Why Wilderness is Not a Luxury —Nat Geo | PROOF

I grew up amidst wilderness in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Today, the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area, a place I’ve skied, hiked and explored for nearly four decades, is one of the most visited wilderness areas in the country.

On some level it might be loved to death, tamed even, which exemplifies the words Edward Abbey penned five decades ago: “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity for the human spirit.” I’ve seen people, from all walks of life, all cultures of the world, drawn to this pristine mountain landscape for one reason—its beauty. I suspect Abbey never envisioned the crowds that visit places like Maroon Bells or Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon.

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Craziest Black Friday Deal: Hasselblad Offering $2,300 off the Special Edition Stellar


There are some great Black Friday deals out there today, but we’re not sure anybody is going to be able to touch the discount Hasselblad is offering on the Stellar Special Edition. So if you’re interested in buying a luxury version of the Sony RX100 Mark I that doubles as a collector’s item, listen up.

All of the Stellar Special Edition cameras, which usually retail for a whopping $3,300, are selling for $1,000 on B&H photo right nowthat’s $2,300 off, very nearly a 70% discount. Read more…

This is What the Sunset Would Look Like if Your Eyes Could See Like a Hydrogen Alpha Telescope


Astrophotographer extraordinaire Göran Strand created this neat composite image to explore an interesting ‘what if?’ scenario: What if your eyes could see the sun the way a Hydrogen Alpha Telescope does? What would a sunset look like then? Read more…