ACLU Sues US Gov Over Program that Can Mark You as ‘Suspicious’ for Taking Photos in Public


The American Civil Liberties Union is helping four individuals take the United States Government to court over something called the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative.

The program has received wide criticism recently, led in large part by a photographer who made the FBI’s suspicious activity list for taking pictures of a piece of public art called the Rainbow Swash. Read more…

external Internship of a Lifetime —PROOF

Magnus Holm, from Denmark, stands six feet three inches tall. He has a mound of floppy blonde hair and a grin that can disarm the devil. It’s the latter that enables him to mask his size and draw his subjects in to capture memorable moments for his camera.

I first saw his photography when I was judging the 2013 College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) contest at the University of Missouri. His photographic style and unique stories were hard to miss, raising his work above his contemporaries. Magnus’s portfolio placed first. National Geographic magazine sponsors the contest and the winner receives an internship at the magazine — our only still photography internship.

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Surf Texas: Documenting the Little-Known Subculture of Surfers in the Lone Star State

Surfing Dolphin, South Padre Island, 2012.

Surfing in Texas might sound like a paradox. But, as unusual as it sounds, it’s a very real thing as surfer and photographer Kenny Braun shows us with the beautiful collection of images in his photo book Surf Texas. Read more…

10 Summer Photography Tips to Get You Creative in the Warmer Months


Despite the early sunrises, late sunsets and harsh daytime sunlight of summer it’s still one of our favorite times for photography. Being outside with your camera in the warmer months just feels so good.

If you’re struggling to come up with creative ideas during summer, however, we’ve got a few tips that might help. Read more…

external One Thousand Useless Words —Thoughts of a Bohemian

Popular saying declares that a photo is worth a thousand words. But how is it useful if those words are meaningless? How many times have we’ve read articles or books [that] bring us little to no information? Words, even a thousand of them, can be deceptively useless.

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DHL Went to Hilarious Lengths to Ship This Tiny Nikon Battery Charger Safely

When we order camera gear, it’s expected that it will be packed and handled with care… but this is just absurd.

Uploaded to YouTube by user Ottar Gislason, the ready-made DHL commercial above shows how the shipping company decided to send this camera store a single Nikon MH65 battery charger in its box… that was taped to the bottom of another box… that was very securely strapped down onto its very own wooden palette. Read more…

Peak Perfectly Balances Form and Function with New Slide and Clutch Accessories

When it comes to well-designed camera accessories, one company that is continuously at the top of their game is Peak Design. You probably know them for their popular Peak Capture Camera clip, but soon you’ll know them for a new piece of gear: The Peak Slide and Clutch. Read more…

external Exclusive Resorts And Leica Introduce The “Leica On Loan” Program —Leica Rumors

Travelers can select from nearly the full line of Leica equipment including the compact, WIFI enabled Leica C or the much sought after Leica M and have items shipped to their home prior to departure on an Exclusive Resorts vacation. Upon their return, guests ship back the borrowed gear and may opt to purchase a new version of the camera or sport optic from Exclusive Resorts directly.

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Hyperlapse Puts You On the Dashboard of a 747 for a Trans-Pacific Trip from Tokyo to San Francisco

We’ve seen spectacular city tour hyperlapses, and creative hyperlapses created using Google Street View images, but until today, we had never seen a trans-Pacific hyperlapse that put us right in the driver’s seat (pilot’s seat?) of a Boeing 747. Read more…

Electric Objects’ EO1 Hopes to Revitalize the Digital Photo Frame


Digital photo frames never really gained the attention of the masses. Due to issues like sub-par hardware and complicated, proprietary software, the photo frame of the digital age never quite took off.

But one company is looking to change that. That company is called Electric Objects, and their answer is the EO1: a 23-inch 1080p IPS smart-display wrapped up in a minimalistic package. Read more…