A Life With Leica: An Inspirational Look at One Photographer’s Photographic Philosophy

A Life With Leica is a short film shot by the creative minds over at Northpass Media that takes a look at the life and work of Denmark-based photographer Thorsten von Overgaard. In it, Overgaard shares his inspirational and refreshing outlook on how he approaches his photography and what it is that keeps him ticking.

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Video Game Artist Uses Inspiration from His Day Job for His Photography


Seattle-based artist Nicolas Bouvier spends most of his days creating concept art for some of the biggest names in the video game world.

But when he’s not in the office drawing up something for Halo or Assassin’s Creed, he’s out with his camera capturing beautiful photos of landscapes and cityscapes filled with people exploring this Earth of ours.

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external Fair Use for the Rich and Fabulous? —University of Chicago Law Review

Why does a substantial reworking of Catcher in the Rye interfere with J.D. Salinger’s “right not to authorize derivative works”6 while Patrick Cariou’s photographs are the “raw material”7 for the “well-known appropriation artist” Richard Prince?8 Is a use fair only if Anna Wintour, Brad Pitt, and Beyoncé are there to see it?9 We recognize that courts must have a means of distinguishing “transformative” uses from “market substitutes,”10 but in doing so we hope that courts do not convert the right to rework, comment on, or otherwise engage with creative works into a privilege largely reserved for the rich and famous.

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This 4K Time-Lapse of the Night Sky Focuses on the Sheer Scale of the Milky Way

If you enjoy gazing up at the heavens and being in awe of how expansive the universe is, then here’s a time-lapse project you have to check out. It’s a beautiful time-lapse of the Milky Way by Greek photographer Konstantinos Vasilakakos (be sure to watch it in high definition).

While it’s not radically different from other Milky Way timelapse out there, it does a great job at capturing the scale of the night sky.
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ColorChecker: How to Get Perfect Skin Colors With Every Camera

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.03.33 PM

One of the best kept secrets within the fashion and beauty photography is the way to obtain absolutely perfect and flawless skin colors, brightness and texture. That’s an art, absolutely, and often a quite technical challenge.

In this article I will explain how to obtain perfect skin colors, with the help of a ColorChecker. But not just a simple ColorChecker workflow with the standard, bundled software. No, there’s a neat trick which saves a lot of time and a lot of custom color editing (and desaturating) of skin tones.

It’s a quick, transparent automatic workflow, once set up and created. Your camera needs to shoot in RAW. Read more…

external Photographer Martin Parr: I Take A Lot Of Rubbish In Pursuit Of Magic

That’s why I’m still a photographer because, even though I’ve been taking photographs for over 45 years, I still don’t quite know how and when you get a good picture. There’s a magic in photography that you have to sort of play to and it’s not so easy. You have to take a lot of pictures. I take more bad pictures than anyone else in this room, if that’s any comfort to you…

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Photographer Flies Drone So Close to Volcanic Eruption it Melts the Face of His Camera


Drone photography and videographer is allowing image makers to capture footage that would have been impossible to shoot just a few years ago. Case in point: never before could a photographer get so close to a volcanic eruption that the face of his or her gear melted!

But now, if you’re brave enough and responsible enough to do it right, you can do just that… and capture some never-before-possible footage in the process. Read more…

Snapwire Collaborates with Adobe to Feature New Creative SDK


Snapwire‘s mission is to make photo selling ‘human again,’ which is why creative collaboration between image makers and the brands/companies that need those images is at the center of the photo sales platform’s model.

Today, the company enters into a creative collaboration of its own with Adobe in order to make sure their users have the most photo editing algorithms on the market at their fingertips. Read more…

external What One Silicon Valley Engineer Learned When He Stopped Taking Photos And Started Drawing —Fast Company

imageedit_35_8596366435Bay area software engineer and self-declared “photo addict” Fahd Butt pulled himself out of a creative rut by sketching every memorable moment with the ol’ pen and paper. For an entire year. Including his first year of marriage. Now you try it.

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Powerful Decade-Long Photo Project Retraces the Underground Railroad at Night

“Decision to Leave” Magnolia Plantation on the Cane River, Louisiana

“Decision to Leave” Magnolia Plantation on the Cane River, Louisiana

Photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales has dedicated the past decade of her life to researching and documenting the historical locations – both known and shrouded in mystery – that made up the historical Underground Railroad.

The resulting photographs make up her ongoing series Through Darkness to Light, and retrace the dark, unpaved path that thousands of slaves were forced to travel.

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