Old, Inexpensive, and Tack-Sharp: Canon’s Best Lenses You Don’t Know About


These days, it seems that if you want to get a nice sharp lens, you have to spend $1000 on a piece of L glass. Aside from the nifty fifty’s of the world, there are very few lenses that deliver quality results at a low price. But if you look harder, there are actually a few old lenses that still offer amazing quality for extremely low price. How is that possible? Well, it is. Keep reading to learn how.

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Photoshop Experiment: Biracial Woman Asks Artists From 18 Countries to ‘Make Her Beautiful’


Two months ago we shared with you the interesting experiment by journalist Esther Honing that involved taking one photograph and having people from 27 countries Photoshop it to end up with what they considered to be their countries definition of beautiful.

Fellow journalist and friend of Honig’s Priscilla Yuki Wilson wanted to try the same thing, and see how her biracial ethnicity would affect the outcome. Read more…

external Benjamin Lowy On His New Work, The Problem With Modern Photography And The Darkroom In Your Pocket —Jaap Arriens

“With photography, you can take something really horrible and turn it into a beautiful picture”. [...]With this possibility and this power to create something beautiful from something superficial comes a great deal of responsibility. He says we have to understand and embrace this responsibility that comes with being able to create images from something real.

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SMWH.RE Uses Instagram Photos of Beautiful Locations to Inspire Your Next Photo Excursion

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.54.47 AM

SMWH.RE is an Instagram-based web app designed for those experiencing a slight bout of wanderlust. The well-designed app is simple: it brings the gorgeous landscape photography you see online into the realm of possible vacation destinations by displaying photos alongside their accompanying geographical location and a short description. Read more…

The Lens Flipper: A Super Simple Mount Accessory that Lets You Swap Lenses in a Flash


Photokina isn’t just a place for major camera brands with big lens and body announcements, a lot of smaller companies use the trade show to gain some traction for their sometimes-weird, sometimes-ingenious camera accessories as well.

Fortunately for us, the Lens Flipper by Go Wing — a double sided mount accessory that makes carrying and swapping lenses super quick and easy — fits into the latter category. Read more…

external Meet The New EyeEm Camera For iOS —EyeEm Blog

imageedit_8_7328355878EyeEm has released some new upgrades to their iOS camera app that aims to optimize the iPhone/iPad camera app and Camera Roll to improve on your take, pick, edit, share workflow. The update can be found in the iTunes store here.

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5 Reasons Why I’m F***ing Done With Rooftopping


So it has been an amazing run. I owe a lot to my ‘rooftopping’ adventures. I’ve sold prints, had gallery shows, been on TV, in magazines, on the front page of the Toronto Star, and most importantly the rest of my work got more attention as a by-product of it. People really seemed interested – they liked these types of images and the attention was nice. It is hard to turn away the likes and faves. It was addicting to an insecure photographer just starting a new career in photography. Rooftopping was my security blanket. Read more…

10 Wedding Photos by Australia’s Best Professional Photographer


As of this last Monday, photographer James Simmons can officially call himself Australia’s best professional photographer. A wedding photographer by trade, he’s joined distinguished ranks as this year’s Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year and earned himself some viral fame in the process. Read more…

external Infographic Shows How To Remove Embarrassing Photos From Social Media —Lifehacker

If you should ever find yourself in a such a situation, web hosting search tool WhoIsHostingThis? has published an infographic on how to completely remove photos you don’t want shared from Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter.

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These Beers Display the Pantone Color of the Brew on the Can Itself


Spanish creative agency Txaber has taken the art of craft beer brewing to its hipster epitome by using the Pantone Color Matching System to match the packaging of the beer with the equivalent Pantone Color. Read more…