Iconic Portrait Photos Throughout History Recreated with John Malkovich as the Subject


Upon first glance, the photo above looks like Diane Arbus’ iconic Identical Twins photo captured in 1967. Then you realize that those are definitely not the young girls seen in the original photo. Looking a more closely, you start to notice an uncanny resemblance to actor John Malkovich.

Turns out that is John Malkovich you see. American photographer Sandro Miller collaborated with the actor to recreate some of the most famous portraits captured throughout history. The project is titled, “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters.”
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external Granny Terrorist? Photography Causes Stir —CBC News

71-year-old B.C. grandmother Lesslie Askin has stirred up national security investigation and deemed a potential terrorist after snapping a few photos, legally, of Kinder Morgan’s aging storage tanks for crude and oil near Vancouver. Her photographs were intended for a presentation for the company’s hearing with the National Energy Board to expand their pipelines.

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Zone Focusing: How to Use Those Markings On Your Lens You Might Have Never Used Before

You’ll seen all those markings on lenses, but do you know what all of them are there for? Some of you might, but for those who don’t or are looking for a refresher, YouTube user Tim Heubeck has put together a quick little how-to that introduces you to the numbers on the front of the lens that are used for zone focusing — a method of focusing that’s particularly useful in street photography. Read more…

Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit Served as a Reflector for Bounce Lighting Moon Photos


Conspiracy theorists often point to moon landing photos as evidence that the whole thing was faked by the US government. One of the arguments is that since there’s only one main light source in the photos — the sun — the shadows should have been much darker and less detailed.

That argument has now been debunked thanks to one newly uncovered fact: Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit actually served as a great reflector, bouncing light into the shadows and illuminating many scenes.
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external iOS 8 Manual Camera Controls: Don’t Bother — Yet —Tom's Guide

After years of working only in “idiot mode,” the iPhone camera has finally gained full manual-control options, courtesy of the new iOS operating system. This applies not only to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but for older iPhones, too.

As Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy, “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.” The camera just needed for iOS to enable it. But controlling the camera manually isn’t as easy as clicking your heels. It’s more like trying to hold steady in a tornado.

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Powerful Portraits Capture ‘The Last Generation’ of The African Custom of Scarification


Abidjan-based photographer Joana Choumali recently captured and put together an incredibly powerful portrait series titled Hââbré, The Last Generation. The hard-hitting collection of images shows some of the final faces of scarification, the ancient practice of cutting the flesh to form permanent markings. Read more…

Canon Working On New PowerShot Compact with Large Image Sensor and High-Magnification Lens


It took a minute, but it seems Canon has finally started to take Sony and Panasonic’s compact camera game seriously. The G7 X — basically a cheaper Sony RX100 Mark III with better zoom but no EVF — proved this already, and more evidence is piling up thanks to a Canon Hong Kong press release that hints at a potential RX10 competitor. Read more…

external Apple iCloud Backups Are Finally Protected By Two-factor Authentication —Engadget

Apple iCloud users can now turn on an extra level of security by activating the new two-factor authentication. With software like Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, thought to be the culprit of recent celebrity photo leaks, Apple has stepped up its security measures to protect your content.

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Hardcore 7-Year-Old Photographer Stands in a Muddy Torrent to Get the Shot, Doesn’t Even Flinch


One of the defining characteristics of a great photographer is the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the shot… and little Bryce Smaic‘s got it! Not to throw down the gauntlet to any of the older photographers or anything, but we’re pretty sure you just got one-upped by a 7-year-old. Read more…

Photographers Giving Back: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

NILMDTS Chaisson

It’s not uncommon for photographers to want to use their chosen profession as a vehicle to do good. There are a number of photography based charities out there and all in all, they’re in it for the right reasons.

Speaking of the right reasons, if you’re a parent, you will really appreciate Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS). It’s an organization that provides the free gift of professional portraiture to parents who are dealing with the loss of a baby. Read more…