These Mountaineering Photos Took an Astounding Amount of Coordination and Patience


Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut frequently teams up with talented mountaineering photographer Robert Böesch to capture incredibly creative photographs that show off some of the Alps’ most renowned peaks alongside the Mammut gear that has often helped humans reach the summits of those peaks unharmed.

From the gorgeous Matterhorn image above — captured for the company’s 2015 ad campaigns — to the many images you’ll see below, each is a work of extreme coordination, patience, and photographic skill.

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Voigtlander Releases a New 40mm f/2.8 M-Mount Lens…That Can’t Be Used with M-Mount Cameras

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.47.56 PM

Photokina brought about a plethora of new gear from a number of companies, and easily overlooked among the larger announcements was a quirky new lens from Voigtlander: the 40mm f/2.8 Heliar M-mount lens. And the interesting thing about this new pancake lens is that even though it’s an M-mount piece of glass, it’s not compatible with M-mount cameras.
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external Constructing Worlds: How Photography Fell In Love With Architecture —The Guardian

“As a result,” writes David Campany in his catalogue essay, “an equivocal take on progress – looking askance or awry at the white heat of modernisation – became an important part of serious photography.” It has been that way ever since – even though, as this exhibition shows, form as an end in itself has captivated certain photographers, from Lucien Hervéto Hiroshi Sugimoto, as much as it has driven architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier.

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Photographer Chronicles His 5,000-Mile Motorcycle Trip to the Literal ‘End of the Road’


When everything you’ve come to know and love in life gets turned upside down, sometimes the greatest remedy is to just escape into a photographic adventure. And that’s exactly what photographer Sebastiaan de With did after getting divorced and losing his job.

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6 of the Best iPhone 6/Plus 240fps Slow Motion Video Examples Released So Far

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.19.38 PM

When Apple announced the iPhone 6 and 6+, one of the more interesting features added to the new devices was the ability to capture video at 240fps when shooting at 720 resolution.

Now, with many of the 10+ million devices preordered already in the hands of consumers, we’ve compiled our six favorite videos that showcase all 240 frames at work. From wine being poured majestically into a clear glass, to a dog not-so-majestically shaking off, you’ve got a few mesmerizing minutes ahead of you. Read more…

external Travel Photography In Morocco: How To Capture A Sense of Light, Place —Huffington Post

When you travel, it is important to time and adapt your itinerary to light and place, emphasizing more on the right kind of photography in a specific place at the right time of day than on simply layering photography as a pastime over a standard tour.

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CineStill Is Breaking Into Medium Format with 800Tungsten 120 Color Negative Film


CineStill is a company whose sole goal has been to bring motion picture film into the world of still photography by adapting it to properly work inside 35mm cassettes. And despite having two 35mm varieties already, 800Tungsten and bwXX, the CineStill team is looking to up its offerings in a very exciting way.

CineStill is using the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to bring 800Tungsten film into the world of medium format photography.
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Review: Can Canon’s PowerShot G7 X Beat Out Sony’s RX100 Series?

PowerShot G7 X Beauty 14

Canon perceived premium compact users to want a bright powerful zoom lens with relatively large sensor and a viewfinder in the PowerShot G1X Mk II and G16, but Sony proved astutely there was a huge demand for a quality compact that could slip into a pocket.

When Canon was busy building old-school destroyers, Sony designed a sleek modern frigate in the form of the RX100 with a 1” sensor. It took Canon two years to respond, but they finally launched a compact with but one purpose – to regain the throne of best compact from Sony. Read more…

external What’s Your Niche: Bill Ingalls, NASA Senior Photographer —PDN

The sexy stuff is only 10 percent of it. A lot of people walk in the door and can’t wait to go to a launch, but I have to tell them, “You’re going to shoot some passport photos, you’re going to do some grip-and-grins, you’re going to do awards ceremonies,” and I still do those things to this day. That’s what pays the bills, and we’re lucky we get to shoot this other stuff that keeps us jazzed.

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PSA: Why You Need to Be Careful When Placing a ‘Preorder’ with PayPal


There are a lot of reasons people use PayPal to pay for things online. It’s convenient, it’s (or at least it should be) secure, and the option is available on pretty much any site where you can buy things. But there are also cons, not the least of which being that pre-ordering things with PayPal can be a risky and dangerous game to play. Read more…