‘No Ad’ App Replaces NYC Subway Ads With Art From the International Center of Photography

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In every facet of our lives, we’re bombarded by advertisements: online, while driving, on the radio, everywhere. So much so that they become more noise than anything else. So wouldn’t you like to erase some of that noise and replace it with iconic photography? Well, soon you can.

For one month, starting in mid-October, No Ad, an augmented reality application will be overlaying pieces of art from the International Center of Photography over the commercial advertisements seen throughout the New York City subway system.
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FILM Ferrania Needs Your Help Coming Back to Life; Be a Part of the Film Renaissance


There are only four places left in the world that are capable of producing color film for both cinema and photography, and one of those is asking for your help to properly rise from the ashes and help secure “100 more years of analog film.” Read more…

external Oscar Wilde Photograph From Family Album To Go To Auction —The Guardian

oscar wilde at ashford castle co mayo 1878An unpublished photograph of the young 23-year old Oscar Wilde has been unearthed from the Guinness family album and looks to fetch over $10,000 at an auction in October.

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Retouching, You’re Going About it All Wrong


Retouching problems start well before we sit down in front of the computer and begin pushing pixels around. I know this because as I reflect on my past work, I realize that I’m as guilty of making countless mistakes as much as anyone else.

Rather than talk about techniques like dodging and burning, frequency separation, etc. let’s focus on more high level problems that might be leading you in the wrong direction. Retouching is as much about mindset as it is technical ability so let’s start with the former and ensure that you’ve got some prerequisites in place before you even pull out your stylus. Read more…

The Most Expensive Camera Kits Photographers Can Buy for Each Brand (in 2014)


What are the most expensive camera and lens combinations you can buy for each manufacturer? Of course you could spend $2.79 million on a historical 1923 Leica or $165,000 on an ultra-rare Canon 1200mm lens, but what about gear that any photographer can purchase through a normal retail outlet?

We decided to do some research into what the priciest camera kits (a body plus a lens) currently available to photographers are in 2014.
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Man Fined $3,200 for Crashing His Camera Drone Into the World’s Third Largest Hot Spring

Ever wonder what it would cost you to run afoul of Yellowstone’s anti-camera drone rules? There’s probably not a chart hanging up anywhere, but if you’re a Dutch tourist and you crash a DJI Phantom into the Grand Prismatic Spring — the world’s third largest hot spring — the bill will come out to $3,200+. Read more…

external Victoria Will’s Moment With Brad Pitt. The Story Behind a Celebrity Portrait. —Profoto

New York-based photographer Victoria Will faced a challenge. She was in a small room with noting but floral wallpaper, a huge table and some chairs. In a few minutes time Brad Pitt would enter the room to have his portrait taken. Here is how she did it.

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Your Lens’ Aperture Might Be Lying to You, Or: The Difference Between F Stops and T Stops

We all understand what an F stop is and how it’s a vital component in ensuring we have a properly exposed image, but have you ever heard of a T Stop? While they might not be as relevant to you in your day-to-day photography as F-stops, knowing what they are will give you a better understanding of how your glass works.

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How I Built a Lightbox for $0


I’m 39 weeks into a 52 week project. Every week I go to this Art Prompt Generator for a random prompt and then spend a week taking a photo to match the prompt. This week was “Candy”. I wasn’t getting great results taking pictures of candy on plates, counters or other mundane surfaces so I thought I’d try a lightbox. Read more…

external Norway’s Opportunistic Fish Thieves —Nat Geo | PROOF

The large triangular fins of orca whales slice the surface of the water and the inky blackness of dawn stubbornly clings to everything as we travel by zodiac through the northern fjords of Norway. It is late winter and it will be days before we see the first shy rays of sunshine. I strain to make out the shapes as they surface—I can barely distinguish their bullet-like bodies when they break the water but I can clearly hear the whisper of their breath, a crisp sound that is expelled in a white mist every time the whales surface to breathe.

I experience a primeval fear as the zodiac buckles on the choppy sea. I am trying to stop myself from thinking, “There is no way I am going in,” but before I can gather my wits about me, photographer Paul Nicklen, slips overboard, followed by Goran, his Swedish guide. I have no choice, I have to follow. I grab a camera and slide into the cold water.

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