Pesala Bandara

News Writer

Pesala Bandara is an award-winning journalist and writer whose stories have graced the front pages of newspapers and magazines. Her work has appeared in The Daily Mail, The Times of London, and The New York Post. Aside from journalism, Pesala has also produced a number of editorial videos which have featured on the BBC, E! Network, and NBC, as well as created a YouTube channel with over 14 million views. Pesala has also edited books for Harper Collins.

Articles by Pesala Bandara

Photodump on TikTok

Instagram Could Lose to TikTok in Both Photos and Videos

TikTok's domination in short-form video is not the only thing Instagram should be worried about. In the time that Instagram has shifted ever further away from its roots as a photo-sharing app, Generation Z has found a new space to post their selfies and photo-dumps -- and that's TikTok.