How 4 Photo Editors Are Using Instagram

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Instagram is a powerful tool that professional photographers must take seriously if they want to be discovered via the platform – because just like every other person with a smart phone, photo editors from major publications are on there too. It’s a way to stay top of mind and connected with the photo-editors you’ve previously worked with, and to share work that can catch their eye and could inspire your next assignment.

We asked 4 photo editors 4 questions regarding the app and how they use it professionally to discover new talent, what they like to see from the photographers they’ve worked with, and what not to post. Read on for tips. Read more…

Photographing the Nazca Geoglyphs in Peru: An Interview with Photographer Ed Ranney


Aroma Valley, Chile, 2006. © Ed Ranney

Edward Ranney has been photographing pre-Columbian sites in Peru for over fifty years. His book Monuments of the Incas was released in 1982, reprinted in paperback in 1990, and re-released in 2010 by Thames and Hudson in an expanded edition, with updated text.

His monograph The Lines, being released in August by Yale University Press, presents pictures of geoglyphs created by the Nazca culture in southern Peru, and other cultures in Chile’s Atacama desert. Read more…

external A Master Class in Space Photography —TIME

An interview with NASA astronaut and amateur photographer Donald Pettit reveals the mind-bending complexities and challenges of shooting from the International Space Station.

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‘Racing Age’ Photo Series Smashes Frailty Stereotypes Surrounding Old Age

A documentary project, shot on medium format Hasselblad on black & white film, about the senior athletes competing in the masters track & field competition circuit in the United States and around the world.

Documentary and portrait photographer Angela Jimenez‘ series “Racing Age” is not your typical ‘photos of old people’ photo series. There is no frailty, no struggling with day-to-day tasks or close-ups of wrinkles. The subjects in Racing Age are competitive athletes that could probably out-run, out-jump and out-throw most people half their age. Read more…

external Ruddy Roye And Instagram Activism —Time LightBox

Before my resources or outlets were few and far between. I depended on a few exhibitions, a few magazine jobs here and there, but the one constant was that I photographed almost everyday. Instagram allows me to share my photos so I no longer have to wait for someone to be interested in my personal work.

Assignments are assignments but my personal work is not something I sit around hoping to get money for. If someone wants to buy a piece, of course I am willing to sell — but I won’t sit on the work because I am waiting for the monetizing of the platform. I am extremely happy that I can post an image that I feel burning in my veins for others to see and at the same time get a refill from seeing a friend’s post.

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external Dennis Welsh: Telling Stories with Passion, Precision and Empathy —Leica Camera Blog

Dennis Welsh has been a nationally recognized commercial photographer and director for nearly 20 years, creating award-winning campaigns for a wide variety of clients ranging from the travel and tourism industry to healthcare and the outdoor industry. He has traveled the world using his unique visual perspective to enhance the brand identities of numerous national companies and continues to help define the image of his clients through his signature style. This is his story.

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external Life through my lens: Timothy Allen —The Telegraph

Timothy Allen has been commended 11 times in various categories in the annual Travel Photographer of the Year awards. Next week is his moment to pick up the prize that has previously eluded him, the Cutty Sark award for the overall winner.

But he won’t be there — he’ll be travelling and photographing. Instead, his mother will stand in for him when an exhibition of the work of the 2013 winners opens at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

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external Urban-Exploring Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch —Vice

While [Michael Jackson’s 3,000-acre primary residence, Neverland Ranch,] floated in real estate limbo, a group of photographers snuck onto the grounds and explored the abandoned kingdom, returning several times between December 2007 and March 2008. I spoke to the photographers to see what they saw.

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external Q&A: Peter Hoffman’s Again And Again —National Geographic

A lot of the work I do is exploration or commentary on the relationship between people and their environment, but this is the first time I explored the natural world disrupting a people, and not the other way around. It made me more optimistic about people and find new love for them.

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Perfect Storm: Interview with Stormchaser Mitch Dobrowner

Mitch Dobrowner_Big Cloud

Mitch Dobrowner is a fine art photographer based in Studio City, California. Born on Long Island (Bethpage) New York he as have a wife (Wendy), 3 kids, a dog… and in his words, a bratty cat.

His work has been published by National Geographic Magazine, ABC News, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, CNN, NPR, Audubon Society, LA Times and LensWork, among others. Google recently produced a 2 minute commercial revolving around his work for their Search Stories campaign. Read more…