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Photographer Accidentally Captures Rare Picture of Shark Birth, Almost Trashes It


Photographer Attila Bicskos was diving off the coast of the Philippines last year when he spotted a thresher shark swimming by and snapped a photo. He almost tossed the photo away afterward, but it’s a good thing he didn’t: the photo is now the first recorded image showing a thresher shark giving birth.
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Happy Shark Week! Here’s The Most Terrifying Photograph of a Great White We’ve Ever Seen


We’re only mid-way through Shark Week. So, to honor these seven days dedicated to the immaculate creature we all love – and some fear – we have for you an incredible image captured by Seattle-based photographer Todd Bretl. Read more…

Video: REMUS SharkCam Let’s You Experience a Great White Shark Attack, Sans the Pain

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get attacked by a shark? Well, now you have your answer, thanks to the above footage from a custom-designed camera setup. Called the REMUS SharkCam, this custom rig shows what the moments leading up to an attack are like without actually having to feel the pain of one.

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Diver Gets Attacked by a Feisty Reef Shark, Captures the Whole Thing on Action Cam

Action cam footage we’ve featured ranges from spectacular aerial shots taken using a DJI Phantom drone, to unbelievable extreme sports stunts, to animals who are so keen on getting their own GoPro they’re willing to steal yours. This, however, is the first time we’ve seen a shark attack filmed from the first person perspective. Read more…

Photographer Captures Amazing Shot of a Lucky Seal Narrowly Escaping a Shark


“You should’ve seen it! I was that close to the dude’s teeth!” No doubt there was some pretty excited talk going around a South African seal colony recently, after a young pup narrowly escaped a shark attack by balancing on the great white’s nose.

Irish wildlife photographer David “Baz” Jenkins captured the decisive moment in an image that’s quickly gone viral worldwide. Read more…

Photographing the World’s Biggest Shark

Here’s a short and sweet video in which underwater photographer and filmmaker Tom Campbell tells of an experience he had photographing a whale shark, the world’s largest fish.
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Tip: Be Careful When Mounting Cameras to the Backs of Sharks

National Geographic photographer and filmmakers do some pretty crazy stuff and use some pretty crazy gear in order to capture the perfect shot. They’re the type of people who see a large shark and, instead of fleeing the scene, think to themselves, “we should attach a camera to that thing.” And then they actually do it.

Mounting cameras on sharks is risky business, though, and the video above shows just how dangerous it can be. In it, marine biologist Greg Marshall tells of his first attempt at deploying his camera onto the back of a large shark back in 1992. It didn’t go according to plan.
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Photographer Snaps Portraits of Sharks While Swimming With Them Cage-Free

If the movie Jaws gave you nightmares, then you’re probably not well-suited to do the kind of photography that photographer Michael Muller spends his free time doing. Muller dives into the ocean and snaps close-up portraits of deadly sharks, often without a cage for protection. The video above is a short feature on Muller’s pastime by the TV show “Last Call With Carson Daly.”
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A Closer Look at the Camera-Stealing “Klepto” Tiger Shark

Remember that “klepto” tiger shark that was filmed swimming away with an underwater photographer’s DSLR? Turns out it has a name: Emma.

CNN picked up on the story and did a little digging, resulting in the short report seen above.
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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your DSLR Unattended on the Ocean Floor

Everyone knows you shouldn’t leave DSLRs unattended in public places on land, but did you know that the same is true for when you’re shooting on the ocean floor? In the video above, one unlucky diver leaves his DSLR rig sitting on the ocean floor while swimming with sharks, only to have a klepto tiger shark swipe it and swim away.

Apparently tiger sharks have a thing for cameras: here’s another video that shows what it’s like to be gobbled up by a shark and then spit out.

P.S. Can anyone identify the rig and/or the camera being used?

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