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A Closer Look at the Camera-Stealing “Klepto” Tiger Shark


Remember that “klepto” tiger shark that was filmed swimming away with an underwater photographer’s DSLR? Turns out it has a name: Emma.

CNN picked up on the story and did a little digging, resulting in the short report seen above.

The photographers were at Tiger beach in the Bahamas, where the giant fish are known to party, and shooting a documentary titled Shark Obsession.

As for the camera gear that was snatched: it was valued at a whopping $15,000. Luckily for the owner, the 14-foot-long shark decided to drop the heavy piece of equipment about 100 feet away, allowing it to be recovered unharmed.

As you’ll see in the video, wild animals making off with cameras isn’t too uncommon. A quick search on YouTube for “steals camera” confirms that.

(via A Photo Editor)