external Fujichrome Velvia 100F 120 Film Discontinued —Photo Rumors


Due to low demand, Fuji will be discontinuing production of the Fujichrome Velvia 100F 120 film. Shipments will only continue from now until February 2015. If you’re a fan of this film, now’s the time to pick up as much as you can before it’s gone forever.

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Photographer Builds Detailed Sets on NYC Sidewalks Using Discarded Furniture


Over the past 6 months, photographer Justin Bettman and stylist Gozde Eker have been building elaborate sets on the sidewalks of New York City using unwanted furniture and household items, most of which is found discarded on the street. The sets are made to look like the rooms of a house.
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Frameworks One: A Backlit Photo Frame Inspired by the World of Vinyl Records


What if displaying your favorite photos were more like playing your favorite vinyl records? A couple of Swedish designers want to introduce a similar ecosystem of “discs,” sleeves, and “players” to the world of photo frames. The idea is called the Frameworks One, a backlit frame for printed photos that can quickly be physically swapped in and out.
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Photos of the Grand Canyon Turning into a Sea of Clouds During a ‘Total Inversion’


Last week, visitors to the Grand Canyon were treated with a rare visual treat: the canyon was filled with a sea of clouds due to a rare weather phenomenon known as a “total inversion.”
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Photos for Life: A Stock Photography Service By and For Cancer Patients and Survivors


Photos for Life is a “charity photo bank” where all the stock photos are created by cancer patients and survivors and for other cancer patients. Each of the models you see in the images was personally affected by cancer in their own lives. “They love their lives and want to show it to the world!” the website says.
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external Flickr Pioneered the ‘Likes’, ‘Hearts’ and ‘Faves’ of Photo-Sharing —The Guardian

Flickr made a lot of us better photographers. The site’s coming of age paralleled the rise of digital photography, and as we tinkered with our fancy new cameras, we sought out people who could help. We found Flickr and its groups, filled in equal measure with people who were just starting out and people who were once beginners, too, and were more than willing to help us learn.

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LenzBuddy: Custom Lens and Body Caps for Branding and Ease of Use


Lens and camera body caps aren’t usually very informative or personalized, and LenzBuddy wants to change that. The Dallas, Texas-based business sells custom lens caps that help photographers both add branding to their gear and find lenses in their bags more quickly.
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Vintage Photo Finds is an Online Collection of Old Pictures Found at Flea Markets


Joel Snow was visiting a flea market in Colorado this past October when he came across a box with several packets of old negatives at the bottom. After digitizing them, Snow realized that it was a fascinating collection of old photos from the early part of the 20th century.
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external How to Create a Variable 3 Point LED Lighting Kit for Macro Photography —Manual Mode


Photographer Bimal Ramdoyal wrote a tutorial sharing how he created a flexible and powerful 3-point LED lighting kit.

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Majestic Views of Pacific Northwest Landscapes by Photographer Griffin Lamb


Griffin Lamb is a 19-year-old freelance photographer based out of Seattle, Washington. On weekends Lamb goes on adventures, hiking and backpacking in the great outdoors with his friends.

Over the years, he has built up quite an impressive portfolio of breathtaking landscape photographs that capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
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