Astronaut Reid Wiseman Uses a Floating Sphere of Water as ‘The Ultimate Fisheye Lens’ on the ISS


If we asked you to name the ultimate fisheye lens, the comments would probably fill up with many gear suggestions. Some, like this rare Nikon 6mm lens that pops up for sale occasionally, would probably be named more than once, but there’s one suggestion you probably wouldn’t make: a floating sphere of water.

That, however, is ISS astronaut Reid Wiseman‘s entry for the Ultimate Fisheye Lens. Read more…

external It Is What It Is —Conscientious Photography Magazine

Ultimately, for every photographer the question to be addressed boils down to: “How am I going to make this my own?” – whatever the “this” in question might be. And I believe that in order to find an answer, one has to realize that there is that obstacle of obviousness that, unfortunately, photography comes with. It requires hard work, a lot of looking and photographing, to overcome this obstacle, so that, ultimately, the photographs will be more interesting that their subjects, transcending their obviousness.

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Buy a One-of-a-Kind Transparent Rolleiflex Prototype Camera for $6,000 Over on eBay


Camera collectors, unfold your wallets… it’s time for another installment of “cool rare things currently on eBay.” Except in this case ‘rare’ can be replaced with ‘unique,’ as in these cameras are supposedly one-of-a-kind.

What you see above is a prototype, one-or-a-kind transparent Rollei Rolleiflex 6008 AF. Even the serial number is ‘PROTOTYP.’ And the same store is also selling a 6001, 6003, 6008 Integral, and 6008 Integral 2. Read more…

The Flickr iPad App Has Officially Arrived


In its quest to continue resuscitating Flickr, Yahoo! has finally responded to popular demands and released its first official Flickr for iPad app — a release that coincides very well with Apple’s decision to make the iPad a more capable (if still embarrassing to use) camera. Read more…

external Canada’s La Belle Province —NYTimes | LENS

“Everything is in eternal flux,” he noted. “In Saint-Benoît-de-Labre, I met a lovely woman who invited me in for lunch. Her husband had recently returned from a stay at the hospital. He was lying on the couch. She was sitting on the opposite corner. I photographed them. Two weeks later, when I returned to give them a print, no one answered the door. Their neighbor told me that the man had passed away and that his wife had left almost immediately. Nothing is ever fixed. If it’s not recorded, it will be forgotten.”

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Beautiful Black and White Isle of Skye Time-Lapse Breaks with the Genre’s Saturated Status Quo

We’ve seen and shared some pretty great time-lapses. From last week’s unique ‘layer lapse,’ to the ‘flow-motion’ hyperlapse of Pyongyang in August, standing out in the genre has become a matter of doing something new and unique… something that will earn you headline words like ‘breathtaking’ and ‘jaw-dropping.’

But the team at Fourth Dimension Video took a very different approach with their latest landscape time-lapse. Shot this last June at Scotland’s Isle of Skye, it’s done entirely in black and white. Read more…

Old Navy #Selfiebration is a Contraption That Turns Selfies Into Halftone Balloon Portraits


To celebrate its 20th birthday, Old Navy has created what it’s calling a #Selfiebration machine. What is a Selfiebration machine you ask? Why, it’s a 15 foot contraption that turns Twitter selfies into ephemeral pieces of balloon art, à la halftone stylization.

Read more…

external Alice Gabriner: TIME’s New International Photo Editor —TIME | LightBox

Photographs have the ability to shape our understanding of events, yet an over saturation of imagery can have the opposite effect, by making people tune out and turn away. In this climate of visual overload, I believe it is important to show a different perspective, to present a unique voice, to offer a new entry into a world we wouldn’t see otherwise.

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Photographer Takes on Stereotypes by Capturing the Diversity of Iranian Father-Daughter Relationships


During her time in Malaysia, roughly 3,500 miles away from her home in Iran, photographer Nafise Motlaq was troubled by the way people would talk about her country’s culture. Partially perpetuated by the media, she saw people making judgements without any first-hand knowledge of the country’s actual culture.

It was this frustration with misrepresentation that, once she was home, inspired Motlaq to pick up her camera and begin an intimate series of photographs exploring the father-daughter relationship in Iran. Read more…

This Creative Ad Imagines what a Multi-Decade Time-Lapse of a Living Room Would Look Like

Have you ever wondered what a multi-decade time-lapse of your living room would look like? Well, we don’t exactly have one to share with you, but what we do have is this clever advertisement from Dutch company Philips that tries to imagine what that might be like. Read more…