Portraits of Afghan Girls Who Are Empowered by Skateboarding


Skateistan is a non-profit organization that seeks to connect youth to education by first introducing them to skateboarding. After hearing that a large percentage of the participants in Kabul, Afghanistan, are girls, photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson decided to shoot portraits that show how the sport is empowering young Afghan girls in a country where girls are generally forbidden from even riding bikes.

Her project, titled “Skate Girls of Kabul,” is now receiving a great deal of attention around the world.
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Man Has Edward Weston Prints Appraised for $260K on Antiques Roadshow


A man named Andrew recently brought four old photographs by Edward Weston to Antiques Roadshow when the show made a stop in Santa Clara, California. After having his prints assessed by expert Aimee Pflieger, Andrew was surprised (and delighted) to learn that they are worth up to $260,000.
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Yongnuo Launches Its 35mm f/2 Lens for Canon EF


We reported late last year that the Chinese Canon clone-maker Yongnuo was planning to launch a new 35mm f/2 lens for Canon EF cameras. The lens has now arrived.
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This Picture Shows How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Affect Your Photos


Here’s a helpful little infographic that has been floating around the Web. It’s a simple look at how the “exposure triangle” — aperture, shutter speed, and ISO — affect the outcome of photographs. It’s not a complete picture, of course (for example, it doesn’t say why you’d ever choose a higher ISO versus a lower one), but it could be a nice illustrated reference for those just starting out in photography.

The image was made by Daniel Peters of Photoblog Hamburg, where you can download a printable PDF of it.

(via New Mobile Life via Lifehack)

Life Lessons Shared with Double Exposure Photos


Florida-based photographer Brandon Kidwell has been working on a lifelong project called “Wisdom for My Children.” It’s a series of beautiful double exposure photos that resulted from real experiences Kidwell went through while raising his kids. Each of the images “is symbolic of some piece of advice that I gave them,” he writes.

The photograph above is for the message: “Being free means having the courage to let go.”
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Zeiss Batis: The First Ever Lenses with OLED Displays, Delivers FF Autofocus on Sony FE


Now this is different: Zeiss has just announced a new line of lenses called Batis. The two new lenses — a 25mm f/2 and an 85mm f/1.8 — are the world’s first full-frame autofocus lenses that feature an OLED display on the lenses for focus distance and depth of field.
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This is What a 343x Camera Zoom Would Be Like

In addition to the megapixel war, major camera companies are also engaging in a new superzoom war with their latest compact cameras. We recently shared the incredible reach of the 64x zoom on the Canon SX60 and the 83x zoom on the Nikon P900. If we ever somehow get to the point of 343x zooms appearing in cameras, the video above shows what that would be like.
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Nikon D4s Gets Unlimited Burst and Exposure Time via Firmware Update


Nikon has announced a new firmware update for its high-end D4s DSLR that gives it a number of new abilities and fixes, among which are unlimited continuous shooting and unlimited exposure time.
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VSCO Film 00 is a Free Starter Pack of Film Emulation Presets for Lightroom


If you’ve been wanting to try out VSCO’s film emulation presets without shelling out $119 per collection, there’s good news for you today. VSCO has launched VSCO Film 00, a free start pack that contains two of the company’s most popular film emulation presets for Lightroom.
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6 Features That Should Have Been In Lightroom 6 (But Aren’t)


Lightroom 6 (AKA Lightroom CC) was just announced. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this release, pretty much from the moment Lightroom 5 was announced. And I have to be honest: I’m sad.

Yes, software updates make me disappointed. Here’s what’s up.
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