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PillowMob Turns Portraits into Pillows

PillowMob is a new service that transforms photos of heads into puffy pillow heads. In addition to human faces, you can also use the face of your beloved pet. They cost $25 each with free shipping — it’s currently available to US residents only, but the company may begin shipping internationally soon.

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Win Your Portrait Subjects Over with Genuine Enthusiasm

Celebrity portrait photographer Chris Buck offers this tip for portraiture: be genuinely enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm can be infectious and make your subjects more comfortable with your ideas.

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A Mirror Self-Portrait Taken 200 Miles Up

Here’s a photograph we’ve all taken… only in our bathroom mirror. NASA astronaut Michael Fincke shot this photograph with what looks like one of the Nikon DSLRs on board using a reflective-portion of the International Space Station. This means he shot a self-portrait roughly 200 miles above the ground while zipping around the planet at 17,000 mph.

Endeavour’s Final Mission (via Photojojo)

Three Studio Portrait Lighting Techniques Using a Single Light

If you’re looking to get started in studio portraiture, here’s a great tutorial by prophotolife teaching three different lighting techniques (Rembrandt, butterfly, and edge) you can do using only one light.

Steven Sasson Talks About Inventing the First Digital Camera

Here’s an interesting portrait of Steven Sasson by David Friedman, shot at Kodak’s headquarters in Rochester, New York. Sasson invented the digital camera as a Kodak engineer back in 1975, and provides an interesting glimpse in this video into how that first camera worked.

Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson (via Laughing Squid)

Take Fun Portraits of Your Cat Using a Flatbed Scanner

Did you know that flatbed scanners make fun portrait cameras as well? Just place your cat on the glass, do a quick scan, and you’ll have a strange looking portrait shot from below! Apparently this is pretty popular among cat lovers — a Flickr search for “cat scanner” returns thousands of results! This gives “cat scan” a whole new meaning!

“Cat Scanner” (via Photojojo)

Image credit: Cat Scan! by Tabbymom Jen

Quality Portraits with Budget Lighting

Who says you need uber-expensive lighting equipment to shoot nice-looking studio portraits? In this video, photographer Bert Stephani shows us what you can do with cheap halogen work lights (you can find them for about $30-$50) and a couple shower curtains.

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Creative Portrait Idea with the New Facebook Profile Page

Why stick with a boring old Facebook picture when you can use the new photo strip as part of a larger, more creative portrait? That’s exactly what Alexandre Oudin did with his.
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Custom Mini-Figures Made from Portrait Photographs

Wanna give a unique present this Christmas? If you have two portraits of a particular friend (head-on and profile), Sculpteo can turn them into a miniature figure that resemble the “big head mode” from GoldenEye on the N64. Only the head is created from photos — you’ll need to describe the clothing and accessories you want to see on the figure (might we suggest a DSLR as an accessory?). A 7cm figure will cost you $75, while a 10cm one sets you back $130.

Customized figures, avatars, mini-you (via Wired)

Three Light Setup of a Jazz Player Portrait

Here’s an easy to follow video in which commercial and advertising photographer Jay P. Morgan walks us through how he went about shooting a portrait of a jazz player with a three light setup.
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