Stop Motion: Artist Depicts Aging, Death and Reincarnation Using Face Paint

When you hear that a stop motion video depicts the process of aging, death and reincarnation, your mind probably goes straight to digital manipulation. After all, how else do you make someone look older? Or dead for that matter?

But London-based makeup artist Emma Allen didn’t use Photoshop to create her video “Ruby,” she used face paint instead.

Over the course of five days, Allen created this self-portrait stop motion video that showed her slowly aging, dying, decaying and then coming back to life. If you’re curious, that’s good, that was our intent. So before you go on be sure to watch the video for yourself.


As you probably already gathered from the quality work she did in the video, Allen is a talented artist who has many years of experience with face and body paint. She also works with sewing, murals, 3D art and animation, and has set up a charity in Sri Lanka that puts on arts workshops for disadvantage children.

To read more about all of the above and see more of her work, head over to her website by clicking here.

(via SLR Lounge)