Leica Unveils the Limited Edition M10-R Black Paint

Leica has announced the M10-R Black Paint edition in what the Leica Store Miami is calling a "limited run." The camera is functionally identical to a standard M-10R, but the colorway is a first for any M10-generation camera, standard or otherwise.

Photographers Raise Over $90,000 to Help Their Out-of-Work Assistants

Several big name photographers are using their art to support a critical part of our creative community: their assistants. By selling limited edition prints, photographers like Tim Tadder and Erik Almas have raised tens of thousands of dollars to help get their crews through this difficult time.

Is This the World’s First One-sided Continuous Photography Book?

Hoods - Möbius Edition may be the first-ever continuous, one-sided photography book. It is formed from a Möbius strip, a mathematical surface with only one side. This means that the book can be read from any starting point and to any point at which the reader wishes to stop or gets tired.