Two-Thirds of the Limited Edition X100VI Sales in the U.S. Were Fraudulent

A Fujifilm X100VI limited edition camera

Fujifilm launched its promised raffle that will allow photographers the ability to purchase a Limited Edition X100VI today, but perhaps more interesting is how many are available: 200. The US was only given 300 total, which means that when Fujifilm investigated the original batch of sales, two-thirds of the total were found to be what it called “suspicious.”

After Fujifilm made its Limited Edition X100VI available on a first-come, first-served basis in March, its online store buckled under the surge of demand. Nearly immediately, cameras started appearing on eBay for highly inflated prices.

Rumors quickly spread that over 90% of the sales were to bots, and Fujifilm clearly noticed something was amiss as it promised to investigate and assure the cameras actually got into the hands of real photographers, not scalpers.

“As mentioned on our social media channels earlier, over the course of the sale days for X100VI Limited Edition, our team intercepted a large number of suspicious orders — which we know impedes the chances for our loyal fans to have the opportunity to purchase this incredible camera. The suspicious orders will be canceled as they are identified/confirmed as such.”

While the aforementioned rumor was just wild speculation, the truth wasn’t that far off. Fujifilm making 200 available in this raffle goes to show that two-thirds of the sales over the three-day event were “suspicious” enough to warrant cancelation.

“The remaining X100VI Limited Edition cameras will be entered into a raffle system that will help ensure that people have an equitable chance to purchase,” a Fujifilm representative told PetaPixel at the time. “Stay tuned to our social channels for more details on how/when to enter.”

That time has come, and a web page has been established with rules for the raffle. Fujifilm is taking this second round of availability more seriously and baking in significant consumer protections. The rules of the raffle are far more overt and strict than when Fujifilm originally made the cameras available.

“Only one entry is allowed per person, household, email, and street address. Entries using the same email or street address are not permitted. Attempts to obtain additional entries through different names, emails, street addresses, identities, or any other methods will invalidate all entries from the entrant. Use of ‘bots’ or similar programs to make automated entries will result in disqualification,” Fujifilm writes.

Additionally, two-factor authentication is required to enter the raffle. Entries are open from today, April 18, through 11:59 PM EDT on April 21. Winners will be notified via email on April 25 and will be given a deadline to purchase.

“Purchase deadline applies and failure to complete purchase by deadline will result in an alternate winner being awarded the opportunity to purchase,” Fujifilm says.

Those interested in entering can do so via Fujifilm’s website.