Fujifilm Will Sell Just 300 Limited-Edition X100VI Cameras in the US

x100VI Limited Edition

Fujifilm’s X100VI is already difficult to obtain, but getting access to the special limited-edition X100VI will be even harder: the company only plans to make 300 available in the United States on a first come, first serve basis.

The camera is set to go on sale on March 21 through March 23 with 100 cameras sold on each of those three days. They will be sold to online shoppers in the order that they arrive; Fujifilm won’t be doing a lottery system like was the case in Japan. The units will become available at approximately 12 PM eastern time (9 AM pacific time) each of the three days for $1,999.99. These cameras will only be available to buy directly from Fujifilm’s online store.

Fujifilm says orders will be processed within two weeks of being placed. PetaPixel asked if the company has any form of anti-duplication of purchases, bot protection, or any other form of anti-scalper system in place, but did not immediately get a response. This story will be updated if that changes.

The Limited Edition X100VI is meant to celebrate Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary and was announced at the same time as the standard edition camera last month and has a few important differences from the mass-produced version. Limited to 1,934 units worldwide, which is meant to signify the company’s founding in 1934, it is engraved with the Fujifilm’s logo from that year and each bears a unique serial number. They will be packaged in a soft-release box that includes a special strap and Fujifilm history cards.

Fujifilm X100VI

Fujifilm X100VI

It is likely difficult to prevent any kind of scalping with a release this limited, and that has already proven to be the case with a listing that appeared last week offering a “confirmed order” for the camera at a staggering $18,000. Of note, that listing was removed on March 12, just a day later, as the item is “no longer available.” Either it sold to a camera fan with very deep pockets, or the seller had a change of heart.

While the limited edition camera will prove difficult to acquire, the same could be said for any version of the X100VI camera. Fujifilm says that demand far exceeded its predictions, and it expects backorders to persist for at least a “few months” even though increased its production capacity to 15,000 units a month.

Update 3/19 @ 4:00 PM PT: Fujifilm does intend to keep buyers restricted to one per order. “We have implemented measures that include a strict limit of one camera per order,” a Fujifilm representative clarifies to PetaPixel. “This policy is designed to prevent any individual from purchasing multiple units in a single transaction.”

What happens after it has made the sale, however, Fujifilm says it cannot control.

Image credits: Fujifilm