Fuji X100VI Limited Edition Sells Out in Minutes, Already on eBay

Fujifilm X100Vi sold out

Today, Fujifilm USA began selling its small allotment of Limited Edition X100VI cameras on its website and, despite major hiccups due to a surge in traffic, they sold out in minutes. It did not take long for several of those confirmed pre-orders to show up on eBay.

At the time of publication, 11 Limited Edition X100VI camera confirmed pre-orders were already available to purchase on eBay for a range of inflated prices. The lowest price PetaPixel saw was for $3,500 while the highest was for $6,000. The average was around $5,000, all of which are significantly more than the original $1,999 price the camera was purchased for.

Luckily, all of these prices are significantly lower than the absurd $18,000 one eBay listing was asking last week.

Today’s results are just after the 100 units Fujifilm made available. Tomorrow, March 22, and Saturday, March 23, will each feature a wave of 100 more units available to purchase, after which no more will be sold. The company only made 1,934 total units to be sold worldwide as an homage to the company’s founding in 1934.

High Demand

While the differences between the standard edition and the limited edition are subtle, demand to purchase one was high. During the short window of time where 100 limited edition versions of the camera were available, Fujifilm’s web store slowed to a crawl, buckling under the pressure of the increased traffic.

The surge of traffic to Fujifilm’s shop can be attributed to the extreme scarcity of the limited edition camera: Fujifilm will only sell 1,934 units worldwide as an homage to the company’s founding in 1934. The United States was allotted just 300 of those units which are set to be available to purchase starting today and for the next three days in 100 unit increments.

X100 VI limited edition
A screenshot of Fujifilm’s web store for the limited edition camera.

Fujifilm says orders will be processed within two weeks of being placed, if those orders are successful. Fujifilm says it is unable to control the third party market, which makes sense given that these eBay listings happened nearly immediately after the 100 were sold. However, the company does intend to limit sales to one per customer.

“We have implemented measures that include a strict limit of one camera per order,” a Fujifilm representative told PetaPixel earlier this week. “This policy is designed to prevent any individual from purchasing multiple units in a single transaction.”