Someone is Selling an X100VI Limited Edition Camera on eBay for $18,000

Close-up view of the Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition camera

It’s evident that the Fujifilm X100VI is a popular camera and will be challenging to find in-stock for a while. However, the limited-edition version, restricted to just 1,934 units worldwide to mark Fujifilm’s founding 90 years ago in 1934, takes that exclusivity up a notch and one person is listing a confirmed order for the special camera on eBay for a shocking $18,000.

As spotted by Fuji Rumors, the eBay user elar-9021 claims to have successfully ordered the X100 VI Limited Edition camera from Fujifilm House of Photography and wants $18,000 for it. Despite being listed for sale on eBay, known for its auctions, the seller is not accepting standard bids for the camera. It is also currently the only listing for the Limited Edition X100VI on eBay.

Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition eBay listing, screenshot
The Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition is available from an eBay user for a cool $18,000, a $16,000 surcharge.

The camera is said to ship from California later this month, although it’s not immediately apparent precisely where the seller bought it. There is a Fujifilm House of Photography associated directly with Fujifilm in London, but the organization says it isn’t offering the limited edition version of the camera for sale currently. There is also one in Australia, which offered lucky lottery winners the chance to buy the X100VI Limited Edition camera for $3,499 AUS last month. Fuji Rumors is acting under the assumption this camera was bought in Australia.

In any event, assuming that the eBay seller, Elar, indeed will have a camera to ship, it is offered at a significant premium. The Limited Edition camera costs more than the standard X100VI in all markets, including a $400 premium in the United States.

Close-up view of the Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition camera
The X100VI Limited Edition also includes a special engraved lens cap.

For the extra $400 — or $16,400 in this case — photographers get an individually numbered X100VI in a special box. The camera includes a unique engraving with Fujifilm’s original founding logo from 1934, a distinctive strap, and a titanium shutter release button.

Close-up view of the Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition camera
The X100VI Limited Edition has a titanium soft-touch shutter release button.

Desperate to look the part, a Chinese photographer has even created a special sticker that mimics the top plate logo of the X100 VI Limited Edition.

As many collectors know, the notion that someone would buy something with the express intention to resell it online at a premium is nothing new. People have even done it with used X100 series cameras before. However, this is one of the most egregious examples of such practices, and certainly, the most insane instance in the photography space PetaPixel has seen.

Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition with camera strap

Even the regular X100VI is a popular target for scalpers. People with the camera in hand right now are listing on eBay for nearly $1,000 above retail. There are hundreds of listings at the time of writing; some with active bids have already eclipsed $2,000. The camera’s MSRP is $1,599.

Fujifilm X100VI standard
This is the standard X100VI in silver. The regular variant also comes in black.

Fujifilm tells PetaPixel it can make about 15,000 X100VI cameras per month and that it will take months of fulfill existing orders. Some people can’t wait and are willing to pay extra.

Of course, this significantly disrupts the market for people who want the camera at a fair price. Anyone who wants the X100VI for $1,599 should get in line as soon as possible.

Update 3/12: Added a clarification from The House of Photography in London.