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Newspaper Editor Says Posting a Photo to Facebook Makes it Public Domain

Normally, we wouldn’t give much attention to the thoughts of an editor/publisher for a small community newspaper. But the response to photographer Kristen Pierson‘s notice of copyright infringement and invoice for payment is such a classic compendium of bad thinking on intellectual property that it would be a disservice not to share it … just so you know what you’re up against. Read more…

external Why Museums are Loosening Anti-Photography Rules, And Why It’s Good —NY Times

Museum bans on picture-taking are practically unenforceable and are also obsolete. Art museums in America typically permit visitors to take (nonflash) photographs of works in a museum’s permanent collection but forbid pictures at temporary exhibitions. This prohibition is currently under review at many institutions, some of which have already dropped it…

I say hooray. When we photograph, e-mail, tweet and Instagram paintings, we capitalize on technological innovation to expand familiarity with an ancient form. So, too, we increase the visual literacy of this country. Much can be gained. Nothing can be lost. A photograph of a painting can no more destroy a masterpiece than it can create one.

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Faces of Facebook Image Shows All 1.2B+ FB Profile Pics Arranged Chronologically


Here’s an interesting project that captures, in one fell swoop, just how many of us are connected through the social life suck network known as Facebook. Called Faces of Facebook, it’s a website/webapp that compiles all 1.2 Billion+ Facebook users’ profile pics into a single static-like image, in which each picture is a different colored pixel. Read more…

Colorado Photog Takes to Facebook and Saves Weddings Disrupted By Floods

ScreenHunter_151 Sep. 30 12.00

As a veteran wedding photographer, Sarah Roshan knows how tough it is to make everything come together and how devastating it can be when plans fall apart at the last minute — even if the culprit is something as seemingly intractable as the worst flooding your state has experienced in recent history. Read more…

external Fujifilm to Release Themed Instax Film This Holiday Season —The Phoblographer

instaxholidays1Fujifilm Instax camera users have something to celebrate this holiday season (other than the holidays, that is). In addition to the arrival of the retrotastic Instax Mini 90, Fuji is also releasing a limited run of holiday-themed film packs. Coming in both Halloween and Christmas editions, the packs will come with 10 shots a piece, each with a holiday-themed border.

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Blast from the Past: Photos Captured 125 Years Ago with the Kodak No. 1


It could be argued that consumer photography didn’t begin until 1888, when Eastman Kodak made his Kodak No. 1 (the followup to the Kodak Box) available to the public at large alongside the now famous slogan: “You Press the Button, We Do the Rest.”

And thanks to the National Media Museum, we now have a small gallery of sample photographs that show what photos taken 125 years ago with the Kodak No. 1 looked like. Read more…

Magnum Photos Trying Paid Fan Club to Court Copyright Infringers


Prestigious agency Magnum Photos says it is about to roll out a paid membership system in hopes of turning illegal downloaders into paying customers. The move comes a little more than a year after the agency did away with watermarks on its main site, reasoning that they did little to discourage determined downloaders. Read more…

external Rare Nikon 6mm Fisheye Pops Up on eBay, This Time for Just Under $100K —eBay

nikonfisheyeEvery year or so, one of the collectors in possession of one of the rare Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lenses decides to sell it. When we first introduced it in 2010, that lens sold for $34,000. Then when it resurfaced in the UK in 2012, the lens was listed for about $160,000. And now, we have another available.

So if you’re interested in buying a lens that can actually see behind itself, get your PayPal accounts ready, this one is selling for just over $94,000. But wait, there’s more (I always wanted to say that), for the next hour it seems you can save 20%, making this a veritable steal at $75,240.

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Nikon Files Patent for an Interchangeable Sensor Camera


The big camera companies get criticized fairly often for failing to innovate, but Nikon at least has been giving us a lot to write about recently in the patent department. Case in point: the Japanese company has just filed a patent for a camera that will allow you to swap out, not lenses, but sensors. Read more…

Nokia Syncs Flashes with the Lumia 1020 for Full-On Professional Studio Shoot

As the battle for cameraphone supremacy rages on, companies want to win over amateur and professional shooters alike. That’s not to say that Nokia or Apple expects you to replace your SLR with a Lumia 1020 or iPhone 5S, but they would probably love to claim that “most professional photographers use our phone.”

To that effect, Nokia has put together this video showing how its own camera expert Ari Partinen managed to pull off a real studio portrait shoot using only the Lumia 1020 and some synced external flashes. Read more…