3 Film Hacks to Expand Your Photo Creativity

The resurgence of interest in film photography is astonishing. Newcomers revel in the challenge of having only a limited number of photos per roll. They enjoy the suspense of waiting a lengthy period for the film to be processed before they see whether their photos have turned out.

This is What Happens When You Zap Exposed Film with Static Electricity

Our minds are so rarely silent. For those of us with anxiety disorders, the noise is constant. From what we’ll cook for dinner to the specifics of how our lives will end, there’s no shortage of things to worry about. But how does the creative mind function amid all this static?

Multiple Exposures of Neon Lights and Nature Sights

Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander shot a mesmerizing and surreal series of photos in which he used multiple-exposure photography to blend views of Hong Kong cityscapes and Scandinavian nature. With a focus on neon signs, the project is titled, "Neonland: Urban Overload."

The Joy of Shooting Double Exposures on Film

One of the many marvelous photography techniques provided by analog photography is the double (or multiple) exposure of film directly on camera. I've always been fascinated by the possibility of handling the negative from the moment of shooting, and this factor was the key one for me when it came the time to chose a camera.

Shoot In-Camera Zoom-Effect Double-Exposure Light-Painting Photos

Several years ago I developed a technique that I use for light painting in which I take a king size bed sheet and light paint through it to create my images. I recently created this 10-minute video tutorial explaining in detail how to achieve this creative effect.

How to Shoot Double Exposure Concert Photography

I recently shot a series of double exposure photos of the band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me at The Knitting Factory, and they've received a great response. So, I thought it would be worth explaining how I took them!

How to Create a Double Exposure Portrait Using Photoshop

The artistic effect created by compositing images in a double exposure is certainly nothing new, but the masking techniques learned in constructing this kind of image in Photoshop are valuable in all sorts of post-production. This 9-minute video from Eye Stocker will show you how to combine a portrait of a woman with a photo of pine trees.

How to Create a ‘Double Exposure’ Using Photoshop

We love a good in-camera double exposure; done right, they can look as surreal as anything we can create in post. But if you don't have the skills, expertise, or interest in doing it in-camera, this quick tutorial shows you exactly how to fake the 'double exposure effect' in Photoshop.

Tattoos Inspired by Double Exposure Photography

We've seen some pretty interesting and quirky photography-themed tattoos in the past—from lens diagrams to a Canon "L" red ring tattoo. But tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov's work isn't photography-themed, it's photography-inspired... double exposure photography-inspired to be exact.

I Shoot 35mm Double Exposures at Big Sports Games

My name is Cooper Neill, and I'm a freelance photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I've found that sports photography can be an extremely challenging creative endeavor. At every game, there are several photographers, all with the same equipment, sitting in the same spots along the sidelines. When you're sitting in those same seats in the same arenas several times a week for a few years, it can make work very repetitive.

As a photographer I started seeing the games the same way night after night getting my standard images and nothing else. To get myself out of a creative funk, during blowouts, I started shooting 35mm film, then rewinding the film and shooting over it for a second time - creating double exposures.

How to Make a Killer Multiple Exposure Portrait Using Photoshop

My name is Piotr Skoczylas, and I am a surreal portrait photographer. I picked up a camera 3 years ago, and since that moment I knew I wanted my pictures to be something more than just the click of the shutter. I was experimenting for a really long time until I created something I really liked, and with which I could connect emotionally.

Here's a step-by-step look at how I created one of my best multiple exposure portraits using Photoshop.