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LiveBlend Lets You Capture Double Exposure Photos on Your Phone with a Real Time View

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Photographer Eric Kunz has created a new iPhone app that makes it easy to create high-quality double exposure photographs using your phone. It’s called LiveBlend, and Kunz claims that it’s the only app currently in the App Store that does double exposure blending in real time.


The minimalist app allows you to use your own photographs as the “base” image (Kunz has also provided a free set of images you can download). A high contrast silhouette is probably what works best.

Once the base image is selected, the camera’s live view will show the world as a double exposure with that image. Snap a photo and you’ll have a high-resolution double exposure photo saved to your phone.


Here’s a short video in which Kunz introduces the app:

Here are some sample photographs created with LiveBlend:





In addition to still photographs, the app can also capture double exposure footage in HD.

You can download Live Blend from the Apple iTunes App Store for $1.

1 Comment