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dubble is a Social Photo App That Lets You Create Double Exposure Photos with Others

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In the world of analog photography, “film swapping” is an activity in which two photographers each shoot through the same roll of film, creating random — and often beautiful — double exposure photographs in each frame.

dubble is an app that wants to bring that same experience to the world of digital photography. It allows people from around the world to create random double exposure photos with each other.

In the first 6 months after being launched in 2013, the service saw more than 1.2 million dubbles created from people living in 180 countries around the world.

Here’s how the first works. First, take a photo in the app or select a photo from your phone. The service then takes your image and combines it with another photo from someone else on the service. When you receive the dubble after a few seconds, you can choose to save and share it, or tap the redubble button to try remixing it again.


Want to see the singles that came together to form a particular dubble? Simply swipe the dubble to the left to see the two original photos.

A social networking component allows you to favorite other members and view their dubbles in your stream of images. There are also standard functions such as liking and commenting.

If you’d like to see some dubbles created by community members, the app’s website has a gallery section for browsing through a public collection.


You can download dubble for free from the Apple App Store. An Android version isn’t currently available, but one appears to be on the way.

dubble (H/T Imaging Resource)

1 Comment