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Tutorial: How to Create Double-Exposures in Photoshop


While double-exposure photography all started in-camera – most likely by accident – it’s since become an actual style and genre of photography all its own. And while it can still be done in-camera through film or a number of DSLRs that offer the capabilities, it can also be done in Photoshop. Here to show us how is wedding photographer Andrew Klokow, with a quick and efficient workflow for nailing double-exposures in post-production.


One step at a time, Klokow’s tutorial goes over how best to prepare the individual images for the eventual composition. Once each image is tweaked as needed, Klokow shows off how to properly choose the blending modes to get your desired effect. The result is a seamless composition that combines the best of both original photographs to create a light and airy double-exposure.

At just over seven minutes, it’s a thorough, but concise walk-through of how to create unique double-exposures through clever editing in post-production. If you’d like to keep up with Klokow, you can do so via YouTube, Facebook and his website.

(via Fstoppers)