Shooting Wedding Photos on the ‘Little Troll Tongue’ in Norway

I did it. The photo I have had in my mind for almost two years was finally taken, and I’m proud of the result. Liv Johanne and Rune became (what I believe to be) the first couple to get their wedding photos taken at Himakånå, Norway.

Wedding Photographer Captures Owl ‘Attacking’ Best Man

UK wedding photographer Stacey Oliver was photographing a castle wedding ceremony earlier this month when an owl was brought out to bring the rings down the aisle. Things didn't exactly go according to plan, resulting in a series of very memorable wedding photos.

Volcano Eruption Makes for an Epic Wedding Photo

A photojournalist in the Philippines stumbled upon a newlywed couple while covering the Mayon volcano eruption last week. What resulted was an epic (and completely unplanned) wedding photo at the moment the volcano erupted.

Guy Asks 12 Different Photographers to Take His Wedding Photo

Bjarke Ahlstrand, the so-called "Managing Dictator" of Copenhagen, Denmark-based photography company One of Many Cameras, is extremely well connected in Denmark's photography scene. So when it came time to get married (again), he asked 12 of Denmark's best photographers to shoot his wedding photo.

Photographer Captures Double Rainbow All the Way Wedding Image

There are instances when a photographer meticulously plans a wedding photo, and then there is serendipity. Such was the case for Portland wedding photographer Craig Mitchelldyer when he worked a wedding at Gorge Crest Vineyards near the Oregon/Washington border.

Galloping Horses Make for a Gorgeous Wedding Photo

Here's a gorgeous wedding photo captured recently by Vancouver-based husband and wife wedding photography duo Jelger and Tanja. They managed to capture the bride and groom, Andrea and Eoin, with horses galloping by and sun beams peeking through the clouds.

Internet Helps Photographer Find Couple in Stunning Storm Wedding Photo

One of the big photo stories on the Web this past week has been the picture above, shot over the weekend by Australian photographer Sam Yeldham. Yeldham was shooting time-lapse photos of a storm rolling into Sydney when a bride and groom strolled into the scene. He captured a gorgeous shot of the couple as the sun was setting and before the storm struck, but the couple was gone before he could get their contact information.

Video: Creating a Star Wars Wedding Photo with 12 Hours of Photoshop

Photographer Tanya Musgrave shoots weddings professionally, but she also dabbles with photo manipulation on the side as a hobby. A groom she worked with recently asked her to do a special Star Wars photo based on the Battle of Hoth seen in The Empire Strikes Back. So, Musgrave shot a special photo on the way of the ceremony and then did the rest of the magic in Photoshop.

The 3-minute video above is a time-lapse of the long editing process.

Fainting Bridesmaid Leads to the ‘Strangest’ First Kiss Photo

Wedding photographer Sean Cook captured his "strangest photo" a few weeks ago while shooting at a wedding in Chicago. At the exact moment of the bride and groom's first kiss, a bridesmaid (the groom's sister) fainted. The newlyweds now have a "first kiss" wedding photo that features a bridesmaid lying facedown in the background.

Star Wars-themed Wedding Photo Shows Newlyweds Battling the Empire

Creative, imagination-filled wedding photographs are starting to become quite trendy -- at least online. Earlier this year, we shared viral photos of bridal parties running for their lives from a T-Rex and from Star Wars Imperial Walkers.

Chicago-based wedding photographer Steven Kowalski also joined in on the fun, creating the epic Star Wars-themed photograph above at a wedding earlier this month.

Beware of Weak Docks When Shooting a Wedding Party Over Water

If you're ever photographing a group of people on a dock or pier, be sure the structure can support the full weight of your subjects. The video above shows what happened to newlyweds Frank and Tricia Fearon and their 29-member wedding party a couple of weekends ago after they decided to pose on a dock for a photo.