Groom Wears Apple’s Vision Pro Headset on His Wedding Day

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A groom wore his Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset on his wedding day so he could record immersive photos and videos to look back on in the future.

Software engineer Jacob Wright went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter) when he shared an image that showed him wearing his Apple Vision Pro headset next to his bemused bride at his wedding in Utah on February 10.

Wright says he did not wear the $3,500 headset during the ceremony out of respect for his wife Cambree.

However, he did don the Vision Pro headset for the post-ceremony photos and during the wedding reception.

‘I Did Not Wear it in The Ceremony Out of Respect to My Wife’

In an interview with Futurism, Wright, who works at AI start-up Runpod, says that he carries the Vision Pro headset around in his backpack, which he always has on him. So when the bridal party were taking photos, he jogged to his car and grabbed it mid-shoot .

“I did not wear it in the ceremony out of respect to God and to my wife,” Wright tells Futurism.

“But after we got out [of the ceremony], we were taking photos — like the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and things — and just jokingly, I was like, ‘Hey, I have my Apple Vision Pro in my backpack.'”

According to a piece in SF Gate, Wright asked his new reluctant wife for permission to wear his Vision Pro headset in the post-ceremony photos and she eventually relented.

In a photo, that was widely circulated on X, Cambree holds a bouquet and looks over at her husband as he wears his Vision Pro headset. Meanwhile, Jacob extends his hand and pinches his fingers to control a display only he can see.

While the bride appears to look annoyed in the image, Cambree says she wasn’t as “p*ssed” as she appears in the image.

‘Something to Show Our Kids in 20 Years’

By wearing the headset, Wright says he was able to capture immersive photos and videos for the couple that their family will be able to look back on.

“I have a video of me there with all the bridesmaids, all the groomsmen — everyone who came to the ceremony,” Jacob tells Futurism.

“I think that’ll be super awesome to show our kids in 20 years,”

Wright hypothesized that his future family might even be able to view his immersive photos and videos as “a hologram or something.”

Despite the spectacular hype around the Vision Pro headset, sales have reportedly slowed down — with some customers returning the virtual reality product.

Image credits: Photographs via X/@jahvascript