A close-up image showing the back screen of a Leica EV camera with the date and other settings displayed. To the left, another close-up highlights the camera's lens mount, featuring a small orange part. A red circle highlights the 2/28 date setting on the screen.

This $24 Tool Can Transform Your Leica M Digital Camera Experience

Alongside great image and build quality, one of the most compelling aspects of using a Leica M digital camera is their access to such a diverse library of amazing lenses. However, some of these lenses, vintage and modern alike, lack electronic communication with the camera, leading to photographers manually tracking important metadata like lens selection and focal length. Henley Bailey of Akara Labs has a clever and affordable solution to this problem.

How to Find Any Photo, Even if Your Portfolio Has Millions of Them

With digital portfolios going back 20 years or more, it can be hard to get into the back catalog and find old treasures, lost memories, and beloved favorites. With Mylio Photos QuickFilters and new SmartTags, it’s much easier to browse — and enjoy! — your entire photo collection.

Mylio Photos

Mylio Photos is Relaunching as a Free App

Mylio, the company that first appeared back in 2014 as a photo organization and editing tool, is relaunching the Mylio Photos app as free-to-use for most users with the option to upgrade to a premium paid tier.

How to Store Film Negatives and Honor Your Work

In the past few weeks, I’ve received a lot of requests to share my process for organizing and archiving negatives, and the timing was perfect because a big batch just arrived from my friends at Carmencita Film Lab. Look at this sweet sight of fresh negatives!

If You’re Using Multiple Catalogs in Lightroom, You’re Doing it Wrong

Lightroom is misunderstood and under-utilized by many photographers. Hardly a day goes by without someone asking about how to arrange their catalogs, and great swathes of people replying that you should use a new catalog for *every* *single* *shoot*. A clear indicator that they’re missing out on some incredibly useful tools Lightroom has to offer!

6 Camera Gear Storage Ideas in 90 Seconds

Looking to organize your ever-growing collection of cameras, lenses, and accessories? Here's a short and sweet video in which Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography shares 6 DIY storage hacks in just 90 seconds.