Peakto Search Makes It Easy to Find Any Photo in Capture One Pro

A computer screen displays a photo editing software interface with multiple windows showing a woman's portrait being edited, highlighting a high-fashion makeup look with golden accents.

Cyme, the developer of macOS photo cataloging app Peakto and the new AI-powered image search tool, Peakto Search, has announced that the latter app is coming to Capture One Pro.

After being announced for Adobe Lightroom in late March, Peakto Search will allow photographers who rely on Capture One Pro for all their photo editing and organization needs to instantly find any photo using simple search terms and sophisticated artificial intelligence.

Even when Capture One is closed, photographers can reveal photo files inside a Capture One library. “With just a simple description or image-based query, the plugin effortlessly retrieves corresponding photos or videos,” Cyme promises. Searches can also be performed across multiple catalogs and sessions simultaneously. Peakto allows users to search in various languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian. For privacy reasons, the app analyzes all image assets locally rather than in the cloud.

A screenshot of capture one pro interface showing a photo search screen titled "peekato search for capture one." various thumbnails of floral arrangement photos in a session are displayed.

“In a world where the volume of photos and videos we store is rapidly increasing, and the creation of new content holds immense importance, the ability to swiftly rediscover and explore our creations is paramount for photographers,” explains Cyme. “This is where Peakto Search for Capture One Pro becomes indispensable, providing the essential tool for efficiently navigating through vast collections of visual content.”

Searches can be general or specific, and the results will vary accordingly. Cyme offers an example of querying, “Portrait of a woman with glitter.” However, some other more common ones are looking for photos of sunrises, images of dogs, or pictures of specific people.

A screenshot of a digital catalog interface with a search bar labeled "video of woman." below the search bar is a series of thumbnails displaying various videos of a woman in different poses and settings.

Users can also track down images using reference photos. By dragging and dropping a photo into the search tool, photographers can find any similar-looking photos in their Capture One library. This is an effective way to find specific people or quickly find old photos from a particular photoshoot.

Optimized for macOS Ventura, Peakto Search requires macOS 12 (Monterrey) or later. It works natively with Apple silicon, including M1, M2, and M3-family chips. Peakto Search is compatible with Capture One Pro version 20 and newer.

As for pricing, subscription and lifetime license options are available. A lifetime license is $129, while subscriptions are available monthly or annually. Peakto Search is $9 per month, $65 per year, or $89 for two years ($5.41 per month). Complete details are available on the Peakto Search website.

Image credits: Cyme