Mylio Photos is Relaunching as a Free App

Mylio Photos

Mylio, the company that first appeared back in 2014 as a photo organization and editing tool, is relaunching the Mylio Photos app as free-to-use for most users with the option to upgrade to a premium paid tier.

Mylio Photos, the flagship software solution from Mylio, bills itself as a complete photo management solution that allows users to collect, organize, browse, search, and share their media files, including photos, videos, and documents. Last May, Mylio rebranded to Mylio Photos for its app that provides the ability to connect the photo libraries of multiple devices together privately and securely without the use of the cloud or even an internet connection.

“The app offers cloud independence, which improves speed and ensures users’ privacy. With no file limits, the industry’s fastest search features, and intelligent organization tools, the free version of Mylio Photos is the clear choice for anyone struggling to manage their photo and video library,” the company says.

Mylio Photos allows all images to always be stored locally on all devices and doesn’t require an internet connection to view or edit them. The service optimizes RAW images to what the company claims is less than 5% of their original size, which makes them more convenient to edit on a variety of devices. Mylio says the service offers significant speed advantages through the use of a local network and peer-to-peer connections. Photographers can then download the original files on any device at any time.

The paid plan of the app, which costs $99 a year, also syncs and backs up original images to a local hard drive and provides access to them via the local network.

Mylio Photos

Mylio Photos was previously available for $10 per month, but that is changing in mid-May as the company is shifting its model to be free-to-use with the goal of allowing anyone to automatically organize and find images using the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) SmartTags, sort an filter photos quickly, remove unwanted images, and other photo organization tasks without depending on the cloud.

This shift appears to be more of a change to how Mylio Photos currently allows trials of its platform. Presently, Mylio Photos can be trialed for a month and gives access to all of the premium features that are locked behind that $10 per month paywall. Starting later this month, there will no longer be a cap on the free use and anyone can download the application and use it with no photo or storage limits, but in order to get access to those files on an unlimited number of devices, users will still have to pay $99 per year as part of the new Mylio Photos+ plan.

“Mylio Photos users who want to connect their devices, access their library from anywhere, and automatically protect their photos can sign up for the Mylio Photos+ add-on plan,” Mylio explains.

A full preview of the new breakdown as well as additional features and functionality coming in the Spring and Summer release windows can be found on Mylio’s website.

Image credits: Mylio