Peakto Adds AI-Powered Text Search to Easily Find Specific Photos


Peakto, a photo organizer made only for Apple computers, has added a new feature it calls Conversational Search that allows editors to find specific photos simply by describing them in text prompts.

The software isn’t a photo editor, but rather a photo organizer and broadly works with a range of photo editing apps like Adobe Lightroom, DxO, Capture One, Skylum Luminar Neo, Pixelmator, and more.

Peakto says that the biggest problem plaguing photographers is the sheer number of images they typically have stored across multiple drives and the fact that photo editing applications aren’t compatible with each other, making it even harder to find images that have been complied over the years.

The software is receving an update that makes it even more powerful: artificial intelligence (AI) text-based search. Photographers can now simply describe the contents of a photo and Peakto will search their entire library of photos for matching results based on what it’s AI sees in the content of photos.

“With this cutting-edge functionality, users can now effortlessly find their desired photos by simply describing them. Peakto’s intelligent AI will then identify and present matching images,” the company says.

This new feature enhances Peakto’s universal cataloger aspect, which already allows users to search through all of their photos regardless of where they are stored or which software was used to edit them. That cataloger already was able to organize photos by topic, color, and what it calls an “aesthetic score,” which is what its AI believes to be the best photos from a series.


Peakto also allows photographers to annotate photos from a single interface even if they exist in different photo editing software and folders. Once found and organized, those images can be exported in batches at full resolution (or varied resolutions, such as lower quality for the purposes of social sharing) with metadata included.

The software is only avaialable for the Mac and via a subscription or one-time payment. A monthly subscription to Peakto costs $10 while buying it outright for a single computer costs $189. The company has also introduced a new annual plan that reduces the cost over that time by 50% compared to the monthly fee: $60 per year. The software can be found on or on the Mac App Store.