Mylio Update is Focused on Privacy and De-Cluttering Your Photo Library

Mylio Photos

The next update from Mylio, version 24, is focused on creating a more manageable interface for photos, videos, and documents.

The company says that almost everyone who manages assets is struggling with the same problem: managing a sea of digital clutter. The next update will attempt to address this problem by allowing users to organize media into what it is calling Spaces.

In Mylio Photos+, users are able to create custom Spaces that are tailored to specific themes, such as Personal, Family, Work, or Private — that last is an example of security options that will be available for those who are concerned about privacy.

The platform is also getting what Mylio is calling Remote Control, which is the ability to provide access to Spaces to other collaborators and control what they see and whether they can edit, share, or delete files. Account holders can also add devices and adjust each device’s access and views.

Mylio Photos is also getting the ability to create shared albums, semi-private groupings that can be shared with a select audience.

Mylio Photos

“Mylio hosts images on non-indexed web pages that make it easy to share viewing and downloads with just those you want,” the company explains. “The user has precise control over what metadata is included in the files as well as a SafeShare option which removes all personal information to improve privacy and safety.”

But even when photos are subdivided into groups, finding specific images can still be difficult. Mylio Dynamic Search is designed to address this. Billed as a revolutionary media search that is driven by AI, Dynamic Search is built entirely on a user’s local device and no outside entity — including Mylio — has access to that data.

Mylio Photos

Dynamic Search uses the company’s Ai-generated SmartTags to create an index that Dynamic Search can access, which identifies over 1,000 activities, objects, and properties. It can see faces in pictures and suggest matches based on user input, find photos and files based on EXIF data, look at embedded and user-added IPTC megadata, and see GPS data that’s reverse geo-coded into standard, human-readable addresses.

This updated search feature builds on top of what Mylio released earlier this year. Mylio claims the app can lean what users search for and compare newly added media to past searches to become faster, more personalized, and more precise.

Version 24 of Mylio Photos is scheduled for release on all platforms in late September 2023. Mylio Photos+, the company’s premium plan, is available for $9.99 per month or $99 (USD) per year.

Image credits: Mylio