CRDBAG is a New Photo Gear Storage and Organization System

New Swedish company CRDBAG has set out to create better storage solutions for photographers and videographers. Its system is based on a set of durable bags that can eventually be laid out on a studio wall for easy access.

The company has started with two products available in multiple sizes: the CRDPOUCH and CRDWALL.

The CRDBAG lineup seems to combine tactical features with the world of high-end outdoor equipment and the company says it set out to create the ultimate tool for sub-packing and storing camera equipment for filmmakers and photographers. Taking a page from the cable management bags from Think Tank and ramping it up a notch, the CRDPOUCH system is designed to be tagged and labeled for easy identification of all the items and grip in a photographer’s kit.

The system is quite the departure from either open-shelf storage when at home or velcro dividers inside of bags when taking equipment on the road.

The CRDPOUCH bags are closed by a weather-resistant YKK zipper and are made with Cordura — which is a very durable material — and integrate a semi-transparent panel in the front to make visual identification of what is inside in the bags easy (if the label isn’t enough).

The system is currently available in four sizes ranging from the 10x23x0.5 centimeter small pouches capable of storing a portable hard drive or some batteries, to the 25x43x0.5 centimeter extra-large pouches that are capable of storing a gaff kit and or smaller drones and accessories. The entire lineup of pouches is only 0.5 centimeters (0.2 inches) thick making them ideal for storing in a pelican case, rolling bags, or even backpacks.

The inside of the bags features small zipped organizer pockets that the company sees as useful for smaller loose items like batteries and memory cards, while the exterior features small pockets made especially for Apple AirTags or similar tracking products such as a Tile, and a “tactical hook” designed for hanging the pouches in a variety of ways, including connecting them to the upcoming CRDWALL which the company plans to launch towards the end of 2021.

The CRDWALL is a wall-mounted modular system meant to hang the CRDPOUCH bags for easy access. The setup is made up of two bars and eight hooks on each that have a crisscrossed cord that runs between them to attach the pouches and other gear too. The design of the system is certainly unique, and while aesthetically it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there is definitely something intriguing about a studio setup that allows easy access to the various items a photographer might need, all at arms length.

The CRDPOUCH from CRDBAG is available in four different kits ranging from $108 for a four-pack of Small bags to $149 for a four-pack of Extra Large bags. The CRDWALL will be available near the end of the year and is expected to cost around $200. Full details on the CRDBAG system cam be found on the company’s website.