external Best Backup Software: 11 Free Downloads That Can Protect Your Images —DCW

With so many tragedies surrounding lost files, by now every photographer should be backing up to at least two different sources. If not, this list of free backup software downloads truly gives you no excuse to skimp on protecting your images.

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onOne Software is Giving Away Its $100 Perfect Effects 8 Software for Free… Again

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Just in case you missed your chance when onOne Software ran this deal the first time a few months back, the company is yet again giving away its Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition software, usually $100, completely free in exchange for your email. Read more…

external FastRawViewer Displays RAW Photo Files And EXIF Data Quickly —Lifehacker

FastRawViewer, available for Mac and Windows, lets you open your RAW files quickly for previewing and accessing EXIF information. Editing features are slim – allowing only white balance and exposure edits, but you can easily export your files to Lightroom or any other editing software easily.

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Game Changing Algorithm Turns First Person Videos Into Incredibly Smooth Hyperlapses

Researchers at Microsoft just changed the POV video game — there’s no doubt about that. Using a newly developed algorithm, they transform long, boring first person videos shot with helmet cams into super smooth hyperlapses that look like they were shot with a steadicam. Read more…

This Algorithm Changes the Time of Day, Season and Weather in Your Photos


Researchers at Brown University have created an intriguing little algorithm that allows you to alter the weather, time of day and even season in your outdoor photographs.

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Apple Ups Its RAW Game, Extends Mavericks Compatibility to Several New Cameras

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Yosemite is right around the corner, but Apple isn’t done improving Mavericks yet. The Cupertino company just yesterday announced a Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update for OS X Mavericks that offers system-wide RAW file compatibility for several of the newest cameras to hit shelves. Read more…

external “Night Cam!” Low Light Photo Camera For iOS – Free For A Few Days —Imaging Insider

This neat iOS app pairs ISO and long exposure algorithms to deliver clear, noise-free photos under low light conditions. The app is usually $1.99 in the iTunes store but is currently being offered for free for a limited time.

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external PocketWizard Updates TTL Compatibility For Canon and Nikon DSLRs —DPReview

The new PocketWizard update triggers remote speedlights and studio flashes that have been secured to the FlexTT5 receivers at up to 800 feet for TTL operation or 1200 feet without. The download can be found here for all current Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

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10 Things Google Should Consider in Launching a Standalone Photo Sharing Service


Google used to have a standalone photo sharing service. It was called Picasa. I never really liked it. It wasn’t a very social site. I thought Flickr was a lot better.

Today’s news is that Google is looking to spin off Google Photos from Google+. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. You never know. The timing of Friday afternoon stories and leaks always makes you wonder. Usually when companies want to push something they release it more like Tuesday mornings or make a big deal about it at I/O or something.
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New App and Plugin Tonality Brings Black & White Darkroom Magic to OSX

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From the creators of photo-editing apps, Intensify, Focus and FX Photo Studio comes a new black and white image editor for Mac called Tonality. Both a standalone app and plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture, Tonality is versatile in its implementation into your workflow.

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