Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Launches a Real Time Scouting App

A smartphone screen displaying an augmented reality scene of a futuristic spacecraft hovering over a grassy park. A person is standing in the park looking up at the spacecraft. Trees and a building are visible in the background.

Fuzzy Door Tech, the technology division of Seth MacFarlane’s production company, announced the ViewScreen Scout beta, an app for real-time scouting for the iPhone.

ViewScreen Scout can take digital assets and show how they would look on location or a soundstage well before shooting begins, allowing teams to pre-visualize scenes, virtually walk through sets, block movement, see lighting, and more. The idea is that with the ability to visualize and animate assets and VFX in proposed situations, teams can see what needs to be captured (and how) better, allowing them to get the final shot in fewer takes.

“ViewScreen Scout is an innovative scouting tool that puts the power of production visualization into people’s hands to help them achieve their creative vision. The app runs on an iPhone and is easy to use wherever your project takes you – on location or a small space that might be hard to navigate with bulky gear,” Faith Sedlin, president of Fuzzy Door Tech, says.

“Our new Beta app lets the entire production crew envision how digital assets will blend into real-world environments before the cameras start rolling,” Sedlin continued. “It lets filmmakers scout a project using their own assets to get a feel for how the suite of tools works.”

A smartphone screen displaying an augmented reality application. The app shows a 3D girl character on a garden path with Greek style columns and a statue in the background. The path is adorned with numbered cube markers. Various interface buttons and controls are visible.

Fuzzy Door Tech says that the app works by scanning an environment and analyzing the space which allows users to then place and animate digital objects within it “in real-time and at real-world scale.” 3D assets can be downloaded into the app from Box or through the Files app to help scouts determine if a location works and the best angles in which to capture a proposed scene. It also allows them to create new blocking and animations in the field.

The app is broken into two offerings: ViewScreen Scout and ViewScreen Scout Pro. The former is meant for individual users while the latter includes shared AR rooms where the entire crew can collaborate and also has more advanced features including live markerless motion capture and motion capture suit integration, and the ability to export all VFX data. ViewScreen Scout and ViewScreen Scout Pro run on iOS devices including any iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max and higher or any iPad Pro M1 and higher.

ViewScreen Scout is free during the Beta for users in North America (US and Canada), Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea and access can be requested via

ViewScreen Scout Pro integrates with ViewScreen Studio and is available for use on film and TV productions in North America (US and Canada). Pricing varies based on the requirements and complexity of the production.

Image credits: Fuzzy Door Tech