Don’t Let a Bad Photoshoot Break You: Here’s the Rescue Plan

A woman sits on a wooden stool in a photography studio. She is surrounded by professional lighting equipment and a large reflector. The text above her reads, "Don't Let a Bad Photoshoot Break You: Here’s the Rescue Plan.

Consider this scenario: as a professional photographer, you were all set for an exciting photoshoot with your client. But despite your best efforts, it didn’t go as planned.

Full disclosure: This article is brought to you by Aftershoot.

The morning and the weather report promised a perfect sunny day. But just as you were about to set up, dark clouds gathered ominously, quickly turning the sunny day into a drizzly affair. With no time to waste, you made the quick decision to move the shoot indoors. The sudden change in plans threw you off balance.

As you hurriedly set up your equipment, you realized with a sinking feeling that you had forgotten your camera battery. Panic set in as you noticed that the remaining battery life was only a mere four hours. The carefully chosen outdoor locations and planned shots must now be taken within the cramped indoor space.

With a long list of shots awaiting to be captured, each passing moment felt like a race against time. Suddenly, what should have been a perfect shoot becomes a nightmare, leaving you with a set of RAWs that fall short of your expectations.

Two people seated at a table under a circular light, engaged in a task. The room is dimly lit with blue and red lighting. A camera rig is positioned in the foreground, framing the scene.

What Can You Do?

It’s not just you, it happens to all of us. Every photographer might have experienced a bad shoot day. So what do you do when nothing is working in your favor? With the right approach, recovering from a disappointing session is easier than one might think.

To bounce back from a bad shoot, you have a few options. You can either ask your client for a reshoot or take some time to sift through the images manually. More often than not, clients are not understanding. Some may not agree to a reshoot or may even consider you unprofessional.

Additionally, sifting through the images and editing each image manually may require you to sit for long hours in front of your computer.

A person with their hair in a bun is sitting at a desk with their head in their hands, looking stressed. On the desk are a laptop displaying a design program, an open notebook, a smartphone, green glasses, and assorted papers and stationery.

But wait, there is actually someone who can do this process for you in just a few hours. Aftershoot is here to save the day!

Aftershoot, Your Friend in Need

Aftershoot is an AI-powered culling and editing software that helps photographers save time. With their recent Edits 2.0 upgrade, photographers can access a plethora of cutting-edge features, including enhanced AI models for white balance and exposure adjustments, innovative AI tools such as advanced cropping and straightening, AI masking capabilities, an expanded array of creator styles, and much more.

How Aftershoot Fixes Imperfect Photos

For a bad photoshoot, what photographers struggle with fixing the most is lighting. With the unexpected change of plans, you found yourself dealing with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Each click of the shutter felt rushed and lacked the attention to detail that you strive for in your work.

Then you need to go through hours and hours of editing to make sure the lighting in every photo is perfect. This is where Aftershoot steps in with its magic. Aftershoot’s upgraded AI models for white balance and exposure take care of the imperfections in your RAWs with ease.

White balance: The new and improved White Balance feature is your reliable companion, seamlessly adjusting your images to maintain consistency, even when faced with varying lighting conditions throughout your session.

An advertisement for Aftershoot Edits 2.0 highlighting the white balance feature. The image shows a smiling man and woman lying together, with an overlay displaying white balance adjustments for temperature and tint. The text reads: "Aftershoot Edits 2.0 White balance.

Exposure: From those overly bright shots to the mysteriously dark ones and even those pesky backlit scenes — with Aftershoot, your photos get the TLC they deserve. Ensure each edit is balanced no matter the lighting challenges thrown your way!

A screenshot of Aftershoot Edits 2.0 displays a photo of a couple in wedding attire walking on a street. The bride holds a bouquet, and the groom is beside her. Above the photo, an "Exposure" adjustment bar is visible, indicating a feature of the software.

So, if you’ve encountered challenges during a shoot and couldn’t capture the best images possible, there’s no need to fret. Aftershoot transforms those pictures into consistent edits, every time!

What Else is New?

The new Edits 2.0 upgrade has introduced more AI features. Here are the ones you should explore:

AI Masking – Enhance your subjects effortlessly with our AI Masking feature. This feature intelligently recognizes key subjects and applies precise masks, allowing you to edit specific parts of your image with ease.

Advertisement for Aftershoot Edits 2.0, featuring a toggled "AI Masking" switch and a young woman with long hair standing on a beach with her eyes closed, bathed in sunlight. The text reads, "Make Your Subjects Pop with AI Masking.

Advanced cropping – With this feature, resize your photographs to the aspect ratio you want. There are two cropping options:

  • Loose Cropping: Ensures your subjects remain within the frame.
  • Aggressive Cropping: Places your subjects right at the center of the frame

An advertisement for Aftershoot Edits 2.0 features the text "Crop Like a Pro with Advanced Cropping" and an image of a bride and groom walking outdoors with a horse. A UI panel shows AI Cropping settings with options for lenient and aggressive cropping.

Improved Straightening

It’s time to bid adieu to those tilted horizons and awkward angles. With this latest enhancement, achieve visually stunning images, particularly with those challenging outdoor shots that require perfect balance.

The image promotes Aftershoot Edits 2.0, featuring "Improved Straightening." It shows a toggle switch for "AI Straightening" above a photo of a couple holding a horse. Text reads "Perfect your Perspective with Improved Straightening.

New Creator Styles

Creator Styles are AI Editing Styles crafted to mirror the signature editing styles of renowned photographers. Purchase your favorite styles to enhance your photos and get a chance to support your favorite photographers —- 100% of the fee goes to the creator.

Straight Out of Aftershoot

Achieving flawless edits even from imperfect settings is now effortless, now that Aftershoot Edits 2.0 is here. Here’s proof of what we mean. Take a look at some of their users’ before and after images in the Straight Out of Aftershoot (SOOAS) Gallery and how they are transforming their photography workflow. These edits, crafted solely within Aftershoot, had minimal to no additional touch-ups or fine-tuning elsewhere.

The SOOAS Community has been built for the photographers by photographers, where creativity thrives, and innovation knows no bounds

A screen displays a photo gallery with the text "Our Community. Your Inspiration." Next to it, the words "SOOAS powered by aftershoot" are prominently shown in bold on a dark background. The background also features small blended images of couples in various scenes.

And guess what?

Your day is starting to look up. Aftershoot is offering a free 30-day trial and a 20% discount on purchase. Let’s get your bad photos fixed today!

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Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Aftershoot.