Pixelmator Pro 3.6 Offers Major AI-Powered Masking Improvements

A photo editing software interface showing various tools and adjustments. In the middle, a portrait of a woman with braided hair is displayed. The right panel has color adjustment options, and the left panel lists different layers. Menus and settings are visible at the top.

Pixelmator Pro 3.6, code-named Archipelago, brings powerful AI-driven masking features to the popular photo editing app for Mac.

The all-new masking experience in Pixelmator Pro 3.6 has been re-engineered from the ground up, promising quicker and more convenient ways for photographers to create and refine masks when editing images.

“For example, you can now instantly mask a layer or create a mask from a selection by simply double-clicking it on the canvas using the Arrange tool. You can then effortlessly resize and reposition the mask, or even adjust its corners, making tasks like rounding image corners or cropping individual layers in multi-layer compositions much faster and easier,” Pixelmator promises.

Users will find all the required tools when refining masks at the bottom of their screen. New on-canvas controls appear when users select or create a mask, providing ways to quickly change mask transparency, edge softness, inversion, and more. Pixelmator Pro supports multiple masks, so users can blend different masks and modes as needed.

A popular use of masking is to select a subject — or everything but the subject — to perform high-quality cutouts. The new AI-powered Hide Background feature allows photographers to remove backgrounds nondestructively with just a single click.

“The intelligent subject detection algorithm automatically finds the subject in an image and adds a precise background mask to hide everything else. You can always hide or reveal any additional details of the subject or background by simply refining the mask,” Pixelmator promises.

For those focused on illustration and graphic design, new vector masks make it easy to quickly mask layers into specific shapes. Vector masks utilize paths and shapes to select or hide particular parts of layers, creating a cookie-cutter-like effect.

Vector masks are fully editable, allowing users to adjust each individual point, like when editing regular shapes. They also work alongside resolution-independent scaling.

“We’re really excited to bring you these powerful new features that make working with masks faster and easier than ever,” Pixelmator says.

The update is available for free to all existing Pixelmator Pro users. Pixelmator Pro is $49.99 for new users. There is also a seven-day free trial available on Pixelmator’s website.

Image credits: Pixelmator