AI-Powered Excire Foto 2024 Update Streamlines Photo Organization

A laptop displaying a photo editing software with a glamorous portrait of a woman with curly blonde hair and colorful makeup on the screen. the software interface shows various editing tools and options.

Photo management software Excire Foto has been updated to Excire Foto 2024, bringing significantly improved AI-powered photo filtering, culling, and organizing tools to photographers.

Excire Foto has been around for a while, starting its life years ago as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic. The software has since added a standalone app option and is a fully-featured digital asset management (DAM) software suite. The software uses artificial intelligence to analyze and automatically label images, allowing photographers to search for specific subjects and types of images in their catalog, no matter how large, and find relevant photos in seconds.

For example, if a photographer wants to find an image of a sunset, they could search “sunset” in Excire Foto using the plugin or standalone version. If someone wanted more precision, they could add a descriptive term, like a color or a location.

A computer screen displaying a grid of thumbnail images showing various aerial views of tropical islands with vibrant blue waters and lush greenery.

The updated 2024 version of the software ads “or” and “not” operations to the “Find by Keyword” feature, so users have even more control over how they search for photos and the results they’re served.

New text-search features also include locating images from the file path, file description, file headline, and more. Photos can also be searched by individuals using facial data from within a user’s image library or by GPS data, provided that it is included in a photo’s metadata. If the user knows where images were captured, they can also manually add the GPS data with Excire Foto’s new metadata editor.

A digital image collection featuring multiple photos of a woman with curly hair in various urban settings, shown in different poses and activities like walking, sitting, and using a laptop.

With its improved duplicate-search workflow, Excire Foto can also help photographers track down copies of the same image and easily remove unnecessary extras.

Alongside tools to help photographers track down specific photos within large image libraries, Excire Foto can also automatically suggest images to cull and even help users find their best photos. The software includes an “aesthetic-savvy AI” that rates each image. Photos are scored on a scale from zero to 100, and an entire library or specific search query can be sorted by rating.

The management app also offers Excire Analytics insights into a user’s photographic behavior and history. For example, it can show the frequency of equipment use, focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and more.

A computer screen displaying a photo management application with various nature and landscape thumbnail images, including sunsets and northern lights. the interface includes sorting options and metadata fields on the right.

There are many other improvements in the latest version of Excire Foto 2024 compared to the previous version, Excire Foto 2022. They can’t all be detailed here. For a complete breakdown of all changes, minor and major alike, visit Excire’s dedicated support page.

Excire Foto is available on Windows and macOS devices and as a Lightroom plugin and standalone app. The standalone version costs $149 for a lifetime license, while Excire Search 2024 for Adobe Lightroom Classic is $189. Discounts are available for existing users. Complete purchasing information is available on Excire’s shop.

Image credits: Excire