Neurapix Launches the World’s First Personalized AI Cropping Tool

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Neurapix is AI-powered software designed to help professional photographers save time and energy when processing and editing photos. While there’s a lot of great discussion about AI in photography, many users feel comfortable with AI that reduces friction in their workflow.

Neurapix’s entire purpose is to remove pain points. The Lightroom Classic plugin enables photographers to create intelligent presets based on their actual editing style, which can help them get close to their final desired look. While Neurapix only needs 20 edited photos to build a personalized SmartPreset, it promises to improve the more users feed into the system, ensuring that their custom editing style remains intact.

Today, Neurapix introduced another AI-powered editing feature that it hopes will save photographers time and energy: Individualized AI-assisted cropping. This optional cropping feature can be trained like other image editing parameters and applied to large batches of images.

While AI cropping itself isn’t new to Neurapix, and has been found in some other software, Neurapix is the first to make these crops based on individual user behavior rather than general behavioral trends among all photographers.

“We are proud to be the first company worldwide to offer individualized image cropping, as it provides a crucial advantage: it adapts to the specific preferences of photographers — after all, cropping is part of the individual editing style and a very creative and personal process,” says Neurapix co-founder and CEO Nils Sauder.

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The new individualized cropping mode comes at no additional cost for the Neurapix Flat Rate plan, while cropping, like other optional features, are one cent per photo (regardless of how many optional add-ons are selected) in the “Pay-per-picture” pricing model.

Neurapix’s pricing structure can be complicated, so it’s worth breaking it down. The flat-rate model allows photographers to use Neurapix AI to edit as many images as they want while subscribed, including optional features like individualized cropping and straightening. It is available for $49.95 when purchased on an annual basis or $79.95 on a month-by-month plan.

For photographers who don’t need to process a large number of images, a pay-per-picture plan may work better. It is three cents per image plus an additional cent per photo for cropping and straightening.

Regardless of the method prospective customers lean toward, everyone can try Neurapix for free to edit 1,000 images.

Complete information on Neurapix AI and its subscription plans is available on the company’s website.

Image credits: Neurapix, with individual photographers credited in the captions.