Adobe Express for Enterprise Promises On-Brand Content Creation in Seconds

A digital collage showcases the Gemant Product Expo, featuring various design templates. The central image displays a dog, food, and a water splash. Smaller templates include a seminar flyer and branding options. Event dates, location, and booking info are highlighted.

Continuing its push for commercial and enterprise customers, Adobe has announced Express for Enterprise, promising to deliver automated content creation, AI tools, and ease of use.

Adobe Express for Enterprise features the latest Firefly Image Model 3, which, like Firefly Image 1, is designed to be commercially safe. Thanks to Image Model 3, Express for Enterprise sports some new features, including Brand Controls, Bulk Create, Generate, and Firefly Custom Models.

These advancements enable users to create consistent imagery and branding across Express, generate many different assets simultaneously, and even custom-train Firefly for their needs. It is worth noting that this latter-most feature — custom training — is not yet available for everyone.

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“Sales teams can effortlessly create and customize engaging materials for clients and prospects, and internal and external communications teams can design content for stakeholders — quickly and easily,” Adobe promises.

Express for Enterprise includes template locking and style controls to ensure consistent style and communications across multiple assets.

Like the standard version of Express, Adobe Express for Enterprise works alongside other Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat. It is also deeply integrated into Adobe GenStudio, Adobe’s upcoming end-to-end content lifecycle app. The platform will allow companies to store and augment all their brand-related assets and organize all required materials.

A digital marketing interface showcasing a black and white dog wearing a bunch of carrots around its neck. The text reads, "Sustainability for Investors" and "We're committed to sourcing organic ingredients." Various editing tools and media options are displayed around the image.

“With the exponential growth in demand for personalized experiences, companies must find new ways to supercharge the production of content that connects with customers and elevates their brands,” says Govind Balakrishnan, senior vice president, Adobe Express Product Group and Creative Cloud Services at Adobe.

“Adobe Express for Enterprise is the only solution that brings together enterprise-grade brand management, intuitive tools, advanced AI designed to be safe for business and seamless workflows with world-class creative apps — empowering individuals across the enterprise to produce more impactful, on-brand content faster than ever before,” Balakrishnan continues.

A promotional collage featuring a "5K Fun Run" event on Friday, May 24th at 11:00 am. Central image shows a crowd of people with hands raised. Side images include "Walkathon," text overlay suggestions, and design elements such as date and event graphics.

Several companies, including IBM, Dentsu, Red Hat, and Owen Jones, use Adobe Express for Enterprise to build and personalize brand content. Adobe’s internal marketing teams also use Express for Enterprise for diverse use cases.

According to Stacy Martinet, vice president of marketing strategy and communications at Adobe, the company’s social media team uses Adobe Express templates to create content faster. The team has improved its time to market by 12 times, improved engagement by 35%, and reduced costs by 17%. Further, Adobe’s sales team has used Express for Enterprise to reduce delivery time for client assets from two to three weeks to just half an hour.

In addition to all this Express for Enterprise news, not to be lost in the shuffle is that Adobe has brought Firefly Image Model 3 to regular Adobe Express, too. Within Model 3, users can upload reference images and have Firefly generate new images based on the style, mood, layout, or composition of the reference image using a single prompt.

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Hot on the heels of Microsoft announcing its AI-powered Copilot+ technology yesterday, Adobe says an Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot is in the works. The extension will allow people to create on-brand content inside Microsoft 365 apps using simple prompts.

Adobe Express for Enterprise is available now. Complete details are available on Adobe’s website.

Image credits: Adobe