Audiio’s New Elements Feature Enables Users to Easily Build a Unique Track

Split image: on the left, a man in headphones smiles behind a sound mixing console with labeled channels. on the right, a close-up of the same man's face in profile, focusing intently.

Audiio, a leading provider of licensed music for creators, has announced Elements, a new way for people to mix and match components from multiple tracks to create something personal and unique.

Elements promises to change how video creators work, enabling them to build the perfect track for their content using song stem files, which are individual audio components constructed from a larger track. For example, the user can pull the bass line from one song, the drums from another, a guitar from a third track, and so on, to create the perfect sound for their needs.

A man with a beard wearing headphones looks intently at a computer screen displaying audio tracks labeled "vocals" and "drums.

Audiio is a prominent player in the music licensing space, providing audio for big-time creators and even household brands like Nike, Patagonia, Nissan, Hilton, and Starbucks. It also caters to musicians trying to build the perfect sound for a new song, as not every up-and-coming talent can hire a full band when making music.

“‘Elements’ dissects every song into individual instrumental tracks, allowing video editors the unique ability to adjust, tweak, and revise to create perfect sound for their projects. This tool provides endless potential, ensuring that the music not only complements the visual content but enhances it,” Audiio promises.

The flexibility of Elements goes beyond straightforward stem files, too, as the sound profile and tempo of each audio clip can be tweaked to a user’s preferences. For video creators, in particular, Audiio Elements plays nicely with existing video editing applications and workflows. PetaPixel is a big fan of Audiio, and with Elements, it should be even simpler to dial in the perfect sound.

A computer screen displaying a digital audio workstation interface with track listings and an expanded elements menu featuring options like full mix, bass, drums, guitar, instrumental, piano, vocals, and wind.

“With the launch of ‘Elements,’ we’re not just providing music; we’re offering a canvas for creativity,” says Josh Read, Founder & CEO of Audiio. “This initiative is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to empowering creators with the tools they need to bring their visions to life.”

The company has also revealed some of its future plans. While Elements is available now, Audiio is actively developing new AI-driven tools, a mobile app currently in beta, and continued expansion of the company’s music library.

Image credits: Audiio