Picsart Launches ‘Smart Background’ Editing for Product Photography

Two digital advertisements on a split background; the left side features makeup products and the right side showcases a fabric sample, both with clickable purchase options.

Image editor Picsart announced “Smart Background,” a new tool that automatically creates an AI-generated environment based on the subject.

Picsart has been busy adding AI-powered features, but this, the company says, is its first tool focused specifically on product photography. Beyond simply suggesting appropriate surroundings, Smart Background, which was unveiled on stage at Web Summit in Rio, also adds realistic looking drop shadows “and other contextually-aware elements.” From there, Picsart users can further edit and customize the image to get ideal the result.

“The result is any simple product shot can become beautiful campaign imagery to use on popular seller platforms such as Etsy, Depop, TikTok, Instagram, Amazon, and moreā€”no equipment required,” Picsart explains.

Four panels showing a green, textured 3d-printed bag in different settings: on a wooden desk, against a black and white patterned background, on a purple backdrop, and on a draped beige fabric.

Existing Picsart users may recall the ability to manually describe a background that can be AI generated. That feature still exists, though the company is quick to note the technology has improved.

And while this is the first time Picsart has launched a tool based around product photography specifically, there were more than 20 other features for marketers announced last year, all of which utilize AI. The addition of Smart Background “extends Picsart’s commitment to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge tools for emerging creators, prosumers, solopreneurs, online sellers, and marketers,” according to the company.

Three images showing a cold coffee drink in a plastic cup with a "g" logo. the first is on a cafe counter, the second has a transparent background, and the third has an ai-generated blurred background.

“With the launch of Smart Background, Picsart is revolutionizing access to high-quality content creation from a single product photo,” Picsart founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan says. “Now everyone can create photoshoot quality right from their phones to use for endless content creation and campaigns. Whether you’re setting up an Amazon store or creating an email to promote your small business, Smart Background combined with our suite of editing tools, gives you an entire marketing studio in your pocket.”

Small businesses are the clear winners here. Quality product photography can help lend an air of credibility and professionalism. However, not everyone has the resources to create the perfect backdrop.

Meanwhile, Smart Background provides more ammunition for Picsart in the AI-powered arms race it seems just about every photo editing software developer is engaged in.

Users can try Smart Background in the Picsart app now.

Image credits: Picsart