Updated Retouch4me Photoshop Panel Adds Cloud-Based AI Editing

Retouch4me has released an update for its free Adobe Photoshop panel that allows users to edit their images through a single interface with the plugin(s) installed locally or through the cloud, extending its original functionality.

According to the company, the updated Photoshop Panel adds a new section to the interface to let users swap between local and cloud-based editing options where when selected locally, users can edit with just the plugins from Retouch4me installed on their machine, but when cloud-based editing is selected, users gain access to every one of the plugins available in the cloud.

Oleg Sharonov, Founder and Board Member of Retouch4me and 3D LUT Creator (RELU OÜ), comments: “Retouch4me Photoshop Panel was initially created to simplify the work with our plugin suite. The idea was to eliminate the steps needed to be done in Photoshop with every plugin, thus speeding up the retouching process. With the new panel, users can utilize the whole Retouch4me plugin suite right from the cloud and get professionally retouched images in no time.”

“The first 20 retouches are free for testing, and the results are saved as layers in Photoshop. Photographers and retouchers editing a moderate volume of photos will find particular value in the new functionality of the panel. They can select the desired package of retouches according to their workload, starting at $20 for 200 retouches,” Sharonov continues.

The updated cloud-based retouching eliminates the need for powerful high-end computers and top-tier video cards (GPUs) to quickly leverage neural network-based plugins, as the company says processing is all done through the cloud. The image is sent to the Retouch4me network, where its AI processing is done and sent back to the user through a series of layers, allowing the user to fine-tune each plugin while preserving the integrity of the original image with Adobe Photoshop.

Users can choose from various payment models for cloud-based fully retouched images, starting at $20 for 200 edits (10 cents an image). Jumping up to the higher packages reduces the cost per image to $0.06 per image. Users can choose any combination of cloud-based plugins /they want for each edit, giving them flexibility and control over their retouching experience.

The Retouch4me Panel is available now for both Windows and Mac platforms. The panel includes 20 free cloud-based image retouches for all users. After the free image credits are consumed, users can purchase additional credits a la carte or opt for a subscription plan.

Image credits: Retouch4Me