Retouch4Me Unveils ‘Adams,’ an AI-Powered Photo Retouching App

A screenshot of a photo management software interface shows various photos of a model in different poses and outfits. There are multiple thumbnail images displayed in a grid. The right side of the interface has options for editing, such as filters and adjustments.

Retouch4Me has announced its latest photo-editing software ‘Adams,’ which serves as a centralized interface for batch retouching with Retouch4Me AI-Based plugins.

“Retouch4me Adams bridges the rich history of photo editing with the limitless capabilities of AI,” says Oleg Sharonov, founder and board member of Retouch4me and 3D LUT Creator (RELU OÜ). “Retouch4me Adams continues this legacy of innovations, taking image retouching to a new level with neural networks. It is a seamless blend of historical heritage and revolutionary technologies.”

According to the company, this new software will help users speed up their large volume photo editing workflow by providing access to their entire Retouch4Me plugin collection under one app while also providing an automated AI-powered culling tool (still in development) to help sort, organize, and select the best images for users to work on. This upcoming update will sort and organize large photo shoots based on parameters like “Human,” which detects if a person is in the frame, “Face,” “Overexposed,” and more. In addition to these tools, Adams also allows users to batch-process retouched photos with an “unlimited” number of images using the plugin combinations of their choice.

A software interface displays a gallery of photos, with various filter options on the left sidebar such as similarity level, date, rating, and numerous image feature settings. The right sidebar shows export options. Several portrait photos are visible in the main gallery area.

The company says that with Adams, photographers will have seamless integration for their Retouch4me AI-based plugins and the ability to activate the combination of their choice in a native environment from a single, centralized hub. This new app would hopefully eliminate the necessity of using third-party apps like Photoshop, helping users stay in one place and focus on just a single task and app.

A screenshot of a photo editing software interface showing multiple images of a man in different poses and outfits, mainly wearing suits. The right pane has editing options such as contrast, warmth, and a blue overlay. The upper right corner has an Export button.

Once a selection of images has been chosen to retouch, users can select the combination of plugins to use on them, with a variety of options, including blending levels and intensity sliders, to batch process and export.

Like the previous plugins, Adams will work with Windows and macOS devices with at least 6GB of RAM and a 1.2GHz or faster 64-bit (x64) processor.

Pricing and Availability

Retouch4me Adams is available for free and can be downloaded on the Retouch4me website.

Image credits: Retouch4Me