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Pressy: A Universal Android Button That Lets You Shoot & Share Pics in a Snap


There probably aren’t a lot of people out there who would complain that taking pictures on their smartphone is inconvenient. Often, accessing the camera is a quick click or swipe away, and taking a picture another. Pressy takes it to the next level, however, by letting Android users do all of that and more with just a series of pre-programmed taps. Read more…

Photographing Actors From 60ft Above a Broadway Stage with the CamRanger


When I first heard of the CamRanger in October of 2012 in New York City at PhotoPlus Expo I was immediately intrigued.

I don’t actually own a laptop, so tethering to an iPad tablet has been a long awaited process with trial and error. My first experience was with the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card; a memory card you place in your camera, the card transmits a wireless signal and supposedly you connect to that signal source, boom, you’re tethered. Except it didn’t really work.
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external Leaked Photo Shows Top View of Upcoming Olympus E-M1 —Mirrorless Rumors


We’ve seen a drawing and a leaked video, and now we have our first leaked photo of the upcoming Olympus E-M1. The photo comes to us via Mirrorless Rumors, and shows the camera from the top view, attached to a 12-40mm f/2.8 lens.

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Hacking an Old Polaroid Big Shot So That It Syncs with Modern Day Flashes


A lot of people love the “vintage look” in photography these days.

Of course, it’s one thing is to capture it with the plethora of software readily available — or by applying “vintage filters” (like the ones on Instagram) to a digital image — and it’s another thing entirely to get old technology to work for us today and create photographs just like we would have done 30, 40 or even 100 years ago. Read more…

From Hoodlum to Street Photog, the Story of Jovan ‘Bonna’ Lamb

Jovan ‘Bonna’ Lamb was born and raised in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami, Florida, an area marked by poverty and crime. As a teenager in the area, he’ll tell you that he was “a young hoodlum … becoming a thug” until something happened: he stumbled across a camera. Read more…

external Flickr Traffic Up Since Major Redesign —TechCrunch

Yahoo’s efforts at improving Flickr with new pricing plans, acquisitions, and revamped web and mobile experiences appear to be paying off, at least in the form of website traffic and engagement. According to a new report from SimilarWeb, visits to Flickr have been increasing steadily, and are now up by 38 percent since April.

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Rumor: Nikon to Release D610 to Address the D600’s Sensor Speck Issues


The most recent camera announcement news and rumors have come mainly out of the Sony camp, but it looks like Nikon has a couple of new cameras up its sleeve as well, including a new D610 that will finally put to rest the D600’s sensor speck issue by replacing the camera all together. Read more…

Google Business Photographer Explains How He Shoots Street View Indoors

It’s obvious that Google is interested in mapping just about everything that is mappable via Street View, but even our future overlords they need some help on occasion. Although the company is willing to send employees with trekker backpacks to many an exotic location, when it comes to taking a virtual tour of local businesses, the search giant hires on “trusted photographers.”

One such photographer recently sat down with Tested and told them all about the process of becoming a Google Business Trusted Photographer and taking Street View indoors. Read more…

external Sony Will Supposedly Call Its Revolutionary Lens Camera ‘EspressOn’ —BGR


A few more details and a name have leaked for Sony’s upcoming lens cameras. According to BGR, the smartphone attachable cameras will be called EspressOn. They’ll communicate with the phone via bluetooth and both versions will come with a microphone, tripod mount, dedicated shutter button, multifunctional jack, zoom lever and a display panel for battery and memory.

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Fuji is Using 3D Printing and Scanning to Create Near-Flawless Van Gogh Replicas


For those art enthusiasts who just don’t have the millions of dollars required to purchase their own original Van Gogh painting, Fujifilm has a solution for you. After seven years of development, the company’s “Reliefography” 3D scanning and printing technique is ready to create near-flawless replicas of great works of art, which will be available to the public for tens of thousands instead of tens of millions. Read more…