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Company Gives Old Cameras and Strobes New Life as Light Fixtures



Taiwanese company Ystudio is in the business of keeping the craftsmanship behind old, often discarded products alive. And in the case of the lamps and light fixtures you see here, that meant breathing new life into old film cameras and strobes.

Admittedly, the studio’s broken English isn’t 100% clear on whether or not all of the cameras and strobes used were un-repairable, but given the company’s obvious love for the antique, we don’t think they would repurpose a working camera as a lamp.

In describing themselves, the company writes:

The new technology provide people more convenient and efficient life. It makes us to throw away things easily, and it’s an enormous waste that can not be ignored. But, we saw the painstaking effort and the insistency of quality from the craftman in those products.

Those curves, shapes and colors are irreplaceable memories. Those beautiful things should not fade away.

And so for its Reborn series, Ystudio took discarded classics like the Agfa bellows camera at the top and the Leica strobe below, and repurposed/rebuilt them into something that works in the modern-day both stylistically and functionally. Their goal is “making the old beauty melt in our new age.”






To see more of what Ystudio is up to, be sure to visit their website here. Although no prices are listed for the products, those interested can get in touch with the company to request a quote.

(via Reddit)