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The Kúla Deeper is an Add-On that Makes Any DSLR 3D-Capable



The 3D camera movement never really took off like some people hoped that it would, but that doesn’t mean 3D doesn’t have its merits. Many people still love the idea of capturing photos or videos in 3D, but they’re not necessarily willing to buy/carry around a camera dedicated solely to that purpose.

The Kúla Deeper side-steps this problem. It’s not a 3D camera in and of itself, but a DSLR add-on that enables your existing camera to capture 3D one second and 2D the next.

To be fair, the add-on doesn’t do all of the work, depending on the 3D format you want, the resulting snaps might have to be converted using the accompanying software. Still, it makes capturing 3D with your current camera and whatever lens you might be using just as simple as screwing on a lens filter.

Here’s Kúla’s short intro video for the Deeper:

As you can see, the Deeper is simply a frame that holds four high-precision mirrors. Those mirrors turn the single image your camera would normally capture into two sharp side-by-side images. If you’d like, you can experience the final product immediately as long as you have a stereoviewer around.

But those two images are more versatile than that. Using the Kúlacode software, you can convert the photos and videos you take using the Deeper into any 3D format you like — be that the old anaglyph format (the one you view with those red and blue paper glasses) or MPO for 3D televisions.

Now that Kúla has an idea, a prototype and working software, it’s come time to figure out a way to mass produce and get the Deeper into the hands of everyone who might want one. This, as you might expect, means crowdfunding.


The company has chosen to run its campaign via the Nordic crowdfunding site Karolina Fund, so head over there if you’d like more information or you’re willing to help out the project.

A standard Kúla Deeper, which fits lenses with a 77mm diameter, will run you 55 Euro or about $73. Adapter rings for 52, 62, 67 and 72mm diameter lenses are also available, but that’ll be an extra 25, 26, 27 or 28 Euros, respectively.

The campaign has only raised 1,778 Euros of the 55,000 it hopes to get in the next 38 days, so be sure to help them out if you feel the product is worthy.