News and information about webcams, or video cameras that stream photos and videos in real time, typically across the Internet. There are standalone webcams and built-in ones, and photographers can also convert certain still photography cameras into high-quality webcams as well. Webcams are particularly useful for online video conferencing, especially as remote work as become ubiquitous in the world.

Ricoh Launches the WG-7, a Rugged, Waterproof, 20MP Camera

Ricoh has announced the WG-7 waterproof compact camera that it touts as capable of continuously recording for two hours underwater at a depth of up to 20 meters (65 feet). Ricoh also positions it as a webcam and it even comes equipped with a built-in ring light. Unfortunately, it appears exclusive to Japan.

How to Turn Any Camera into a Webcam, No App Required

This past year has seen pretty much every major camera manufacturer release software that allows for a set of cameras to work as a webcam for your computer. But what if your camera isn't supported? Luckily, there is a cheap, easy solution to that.